WCF [Windows Communication Foundation]:

It is a unified programming model for developing service oriented solutions for the windows platform.




WPF [Windows Presentation Foundation]:

It is a new frame work for developing rich interface applications with the support of animations, media elements such as Audio-Video and data services etc.



  • WPF 3.0 supports only 2D
  • WPF 3.5 has been enhanced with 3D and rich UI support.
  • WPF 4.0 has been enhanced with touch support


WF (Windows Workflow Foundation):

It is a set of activities which is used to co-ordinate the people and services.


CS (Card space):

It is a new Framework provided to build high end secured applications using windows cards.


LINQ (Language integrated Query):

It is a new Framework introduced in .Net 3.5 for queering the data present within the collection database or XML.

Note: LINQ can also be used for data manipulations.


VB.Net 4.0 or VB10:

It is a language with all the greatest features of all the latest languages such as C++, VB, Java etc and also the language consists of features that are needed for next generation application development.