whenever we are going to create any user we should follow the check list:

  1. identify the table space in which user need to store the object.
  2. Plan for quotos for each table space.
  3. Assign a default table space and temporary table space to the user.
  4. Assign proper me sources [profiles] to the user.

After creating the user by following above 4 steps, grant required privileges (or) roles 9set of privilages0 to the user


Table space quotas controls the amount of physical storage assigned to the user.

A profile is a named set of password & resource limit. Generally this profile contain


  1. Password againg & expiration
  2. Account locking   2 should set in parameter file Idle time2 resource_limit=TRUE
  3. Cpu time
  4. Connect time
  5. Concurrent session




”default” is the default profile from the pupbld. Sql script.


Advantages of profiles

  1. Ensures that the users logoff their sessions when they have left their sessions idle for some time.
  2. Enables similar resource limits for group of users
  3. Easily assign resource limit to the users and control of passwords



Privilege is a permission ot perform transactions against the database