UI Developer Interview Questions and Answers
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UI Developer Interview Questions and Answers

1Q) Who is a UI/UX Developer? What did he do?

Ans: UI/UX - User Interface/ User Experience, and the developer has to work for better User Interaction with functionality. The focus is to provide a better interface for a user by front-end coding.

2Q)What Skills are required to become a UI Developer?

Ans: Human-Computer Interaction, HTML, and CSS along with Photoshop and Graphic Designing are the minimal skills expected from UI Developer, and AngularJS, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) would be preferred.

3Q) What Is Semantic Html?

Ans: HTML using markup that also conveys the containing content. HTML5 has more semantic tags than prior versions (nav | aside | article | header | footer), but using descriptive classes and id’s could also be an example of semantic markup.

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4Q) How to call an external style sheet and an external script located in the root folder called style.css and main.js with HTML?


 <script src="main.js"></script>

 <link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet"></link>

5Q) Name 4 New Elements In Html5 That Were Not Available In Previous Html Versions?

Ans: canvas | audio | svg | header | footer | aside | article | nav | section etc…

6Q) Name 3 Attributes Of The Position Property?

Ans: static, absolute, fixed, relative, inherit.

7Q) Name Some Online Resources You Reference When Having CSS Issues?

Ans: Mozilla, Stack Overflow, CSS-Tricks . . .

8Q) What Is A CSS Reset? What Is The Difference Between A Css Reset And Normalize.css?

Ans: CSS Reset removes browser default styles. Normalize.css sets a standard across all browsers (It does not ‘reset’ them).

9Q) How Would You Solve A Floated Div’s Parent Height?

Ans: Clearfix, Float Parent as well, User overflow property other than ‘visible’.

10Q) Declare All Elements With Class Of “blue-text” To Have A Text Color Of Blue?

Ans: blue-text {color: blue;}

11Q) How Do You Include A Comment In Css?

Ans: /* This is a comment */

12Q) Is Javascript Case Sensitive?

Ans: Yes

13Q) What Are 2 (shorthand) Boolean Operators Supported By Javascript?

Ans: or ||, and &&, not equal to !

14Q) What Is The Difference Between “==” And “===”?

Ans: “==” checks equality, “===” checks equality and type

15Q) What Is The Result Of “20” + 20;?

Ans: 2020

UI Developer Interview Questions for Freshers

16Q) What Javascript Method Would Convert The String “20” To An Integer (on The Fly) So “20” + 20 = 40?

Ans: parseInt(“20″) + 20;

17Q) What Is An Ajax Request And What Is A Simple Example Of Where A Ajax Request Would Be Used?

Ans: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. The client-side process used for GET, POST, etc to get new data without having to refresh the page.

18Q) Assign Any Variable Name A Value Of “hello World”, And Print That Variable’s Contents To The Console?


var t = "Hello World";  


19Q) Create An Array In Javascript With A List Of 4 Colors, Assign That Array To The Variable, ‘colors’?

Ans: var colors = [‘red, ‘yellow’, ‘green’, ‘blue’];

20Q) How Do You Include A Comment In Javascript?

Ans: /* This is a comment block */

//This is a commented outline

21Q) Loop Through The Color Array And Print Each Value To The Console. Assume You Do Not Know The Amount Of Colors In The Color Array?


var colors = [‘red, ‘yellow’, ‘green’, ‘blue’];

for( var i = 0; i < colors.length; i++ )




22Q) What Is Jquery?

Ans: A JavaScript Framework/Library that makes things like DOM selection/manipulation, AJAX, and animation, easier.

23Q) What Programming Language Does Jquery Use?

Ans: JavaScript

24Q) Is Jquery Code Executed On The Clientside Or Serverside?

Ans: Clientside

25Q) How Do You Install/use Jquery In A Project. What Is The Minimum Setup Needed To Start Using Jquery?

Ans: script tag, linked to a jquery CDN or locally hosted file.

26Q) How Do You Select All Elements With The Class Of “selected” In Jquery?

Ans: $(‘.selected’);

27Q) Can Jquery Be Used To Make An Ajax Request?

Ans: Yes

28Q) Declare A New Variable In Php Equal To The Number 3;?

Ans: $number = 3;

29Q) How Do You Check If A Variable Has Been Set In Php?

Ans: isset($var);

30Q) How Do You Access A Get Requests Url Parameter With Php?

Ans: $_GET[“urlkey”]

31Q) How Do You Check If A Variable Has Not Been Set In Php?

Ans: !isset($var);

32Q) What Is The Difference Between Require() And Include() When An Error Is Encountered?

Ans: include() will raise a warning if it fails, require() will raise a fatal error.

33Q)What Is A Simple Php Method To Make A Cross-Domain Data Request?

Ans: file_get_contents().

Interview Questions for UI Developer Experienced

34Q) Inside A Php Function, What Param Needs To Be Set In Order To Access A Global Variable?


function function_name(){

global $the_global_var;


35Q) What Is The Current Major Version Of Bootstrap?

Ans: 4.0 beta is the latest

36Q) What Css Class Do You Use To Span 12 Columns On Medium Sized Screens But Only 6 Columns On Large Screens In The Latest Version Of Bootstrap?

Ans: class=”col-md-6 col-lg-12″

37Q) Name 3 Available Jquery Plugins That Bootstrap Has In Their Query Plugin Library?

Ans: Modal, Dropdown, Scrollspy, Tab, Tooltip, Popover, Alert, Button, Collapse, Carousel, Affix.

38Q) What Minimum Things Do You Have To Do In Order To Include Bootstrap & BootstrapJS In A Project/ Html Document?

Ans: Add bootstrap.css/bootstrap.js link and script in the head of the HTML document *bonus if bootstrap.js script included in the footer (better for page loading).

39Q) What is the difference between xhtml, html4 and html5? Which one do you use typically?

Ans: XHTML was the cleaner and stricter version of HTML-4. Whereas HTML5 is the latest, smartest, and fastest version of HTML.

40Q) Does HTML needs a compiler?

Ans: HTML, CSS, and JS are browser interpreted technologies. Whereas asp.net, java, and PHP are not interpreted. They need a compiler that can convert their code in machine language. That's why HTML, CSS, and Javascript are also called front-end technologies.

41Q) What is Semantic HTML?

Ans: HTML5 introduced semantic tags like header, nav,article,section, aside, footer and figcaption. These tags convey the containing content. Whereas in html4, div tag was used to create partitions using descriptive classes.

42Q) Which is the best HTML debugging tool?

Ans: We use chrome, firefox, and firebug Devtools as they are browser inbuilt. But W3C Validation is the best HTML Debugging tool.

46Q) How to use HTML5 New tags in IE8 and lesser?

Ans: HTML5 semantic tags like header, nav, article, section, aside, footer, and figcaption are not supported in HTML4 based browsers like IE8 and lesser. We can use html5shiv.js to run these elements in older browsers. → See More html5 tags in IE8

47Q) What is web accessibility?

Ans: Web accessibility means a web for differently-abled or disabled people. HTML5 introduced WAI-ARIA so that even disabled people can interact, understand, and navigate a website.

48Q) Difference between <b> and <strong> tag?

Ans: <b> is a presentational element used to give bolder look to the text. Whereas <strong> gives bolder look and strong importance in search results.

49Q) Difference between <i> and <em> tag?

Ans: <i> is a presentational element used to give italic look to the text. Whereas <em> gives italic look and emphasize in search results.

50Q) What do you mean by a Responsive Website?

Ans: The website is responsive when it looks good in all screen resolutions device types. To re-arrange the element’s width and to display/hide any elements on the webpage, we can use CSS media queries. Bootstrap Training is the potential framework builder to create web pages quickly.

51Q) What are the most used tools to debug any page that has issues?

Ans: The tools like W3c validator, Chrome Dev, Firebug are the most commonly used debugging tools.

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