Our Tekslate AngularJS Training will enable you to learn how to create dynamic web applications by using Angular versions ( 2 / 4 / 5 ) through structured frameworks. It helps to gain in-depth knowledge in designing the UI, MVC Design Patterns, Data binding, Typescripts, Single Page Application (SPA), and testing of the Angular class, and also covers the advanced topics such as DI, XHI, routing, etc. You will also be provided with Industry based Real-time projects in this training.

Key Features

  • 30 hours of Instructor Led AngularJS Training
  • Lifetime Access to Recorded Sessions
  • Practical Approach
  • 24/7 Support
  • Expert & Certified Trainers
  • Real World use cases and Scenarios
Trusted By Companies Worldwide

Course Overview

By the end of AngularJS training course, the course participants will be able to:


  • Understand the design and development of Single Page Application through AngularJS.

  • Use Dependency Injection for better service.

  • Able to create the two-way binding.

  • Work with Model View Controller, Data binding, and Directives

  • Work with Typescripts.

  • Work with browser.js for client-side dependency management.

  • Work with HTTP for routing, and observables.

  • There are numerous job opportunities for AngularJS developers across the Globe.

  • High salaries are offered for AngularJS developers. On an average, AngularJS developer earns $71,746 USD per year.

  • Many companies are recruiting  AngularJS developers.

  • Freshers who are aspiring to become Javascript developers.

  • Developers who want to upgrade in the Angular versions.

  • Technical leads, QAs, and project managers.

  • Basic knowledge of Javascripts.

  • Basic knowledge of NodeJS, NoSQL, and MongoDB.

  • We will offer two real-time industry-based projects with a skilled trainer who can help you with providing in-depth knowledge throughout the project.

Course Curriculum

  • Angular Architecture
  • Working with Angular
  • Angular Version and Tools
  • Angular Seed
  • Introduction to AngularJS Controllers
  • Controllers and Scope
  • Creating Controllers
  • Working with border-image
  • Displaying Repeating Information
  •  Demo with ng-repeat

  • Handling Events
  • Event Scope
  • Event Directives
  • Working with built in directives
  • Other Directives
  • Understanding Filters
  • Built-in Filters
  • Importance of One way
  • Two way binding
  • and Two Way Binding Demo
  • Testing modules

  • Techniques to module Javascript code

  • Importance of validation, Working example

  • Introduction of services in AngularJS, Understanding the importance of Services, Working with an Example.


  • Our trainers are well experienced professionals and certified in working with front-end development technologies.
  • We will record all the Live sessions you go through, and we will send the recording of the class you missed.
  • For practical execution, our trainer will provide server access to the student.
  • All our training classes are live. This is to solve all the student queries directly with the trainer.
  • Live online training means, our trainer will be in online with you to solve your issues.
  • Pre-recorded training means, there will be no trainer available to solve your issues.
  • You can contact our Tekslate support team, or you can send an email to info@tekslate.com for your queries.
  • Yes, you can access the course material after completing the course by the recorded training videos we shared with you during training.
  • To avail all discounts offered by Tekslate, you need to visit the website regularly. However, there will be a group discount for 2 or more participants.
  • Yes, you will get your refund by cancelling some administration fee from the course. But, you should cancel your enrolment within 48 hours of registration, and then the refund will be retained within 30 days of request.


  • The main focus of this program is to build your career in AngularJS.
  • After completing the course, you will be provided with a course completion certificate in AngularJS from Tekslate.
  • For acquiring AngularJS Certification, you should submit an exam online, and get qualified in it.
  • Tekslate training course helps you clear AngularJS certification exam in your first attempt.