Tera data parallel Transpecter[TPT]

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17th September, 2018




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Tera data parallel Transpecter[TPT]

Step1: To work with TPT Java Run time should be install[JDK-6025 Java ER] There are 2 ways to work  TPT

  1. Through wizard
  2. By writing script to execute like FL, ML Name: Script

Ex: 1st way   Wizard approach To load the data from vinayaka database emp Table to vinay- USK emp empty table following the below steps Start


Right click


New Job Name: Vinayaka- vinay-emp-load Next Source type: Tera data Table Tera data source: User name: Vinayaka Pass work: vinay Screenshot_16 Check include user ID in Generate Job Screenshot_16Check include password in Generate Job Screenshot_17   2Go to left hand side displayed data bases Vinayaka2 Select emp Select Right side emp columns2Click select all Next Select Target type: Tera data table Tera data host: User name: Vinayaka Pass word: Vinay Screenshot_16Check include user ID in Generate Job Screenshot_16 Check include password in Generate Job Screenshot_17   2Go to left hand side displayed data bases Vinay- use2Select emp Select  load operator   Select Automatic mapping Next

Finish   Job name: Test- job Commit interval:10000 Screenshot_17   New the Job runs, read the log message and observe the expected resultClick Note - To see the script Generated, GO To Job script and see   2nd way Coding Define Job vinayaka- vinaya-load-job ( Define operator w-1-0-vinayaka-vinay-load-job Type load Schema* Attributes ( Varchar User name, Varchar  Password, Varchar Log table, Varchar Target Table Varchar Td pid ); Define schema w-o-s-Vinayaka –vinay—load- job ( eid int, Ename varchar(30), Mgrid int, Deptid int, ); Define operator w-o-c-Vinayaka –vinay—load- job Type export Schema w-o-s-Vinayaka –vinay—load- job Attributes ( Varchar User name, Varchar  user Password, Varchar Select stmt, Varchar Td pid ); Apply ( Insert into vinay –usr.emp(eid, ename, mgrid, deptid) values(:eid,: ename, :mgrid, :deptid); To operator ( W-1-0- Vinayaka-vinay-load-Job[1] Attributes ( User name=’vinay -usr’, User password=’vinay’; Log table=’vinay’-usr. emp-Log’, Target table=’vinay’-usr. Emp’, Tdpid=’127.0.01’ ) ) Select * from operator (w-o-o-Vinayaka –vinay—load- job[1] Attributes ( User name=’vinayaka’, User password=’vinay’, Sele CL Stmt=’Select eid,ename, mgrid, deptid from vinayaka .emp;’, Tdpix=’’ );   Execution -  Log file navigation2 c:\program files\Tera data\client\13.0\Tera data parallel transporter\logs Start2Run2cmd TBUILD – F C:\TPT\TPT-Sample.txt   TPT[Tera data parallel Transporter]   Screenshot_18   Fast load: File  2 Table Mload: File      2 Table Tpump: File   2  Table Fast Export: Table 2 File BTEQ: File  2 Table Table2File                     Any operator in tera data Table 2 File   TPT IS A Multi function product for loading, Retrieving, processing and transforming data with in the tera data base and between external data base and the tera data data base   Screenshot_19 Screenshot_20  

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