Step by Step process of installing Splunk

19 September, 2018


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Splunk Installation

Download Splunk from below link(64bit package if applicable)

-To install Splunk Enterprise on a Linux system, expand the tar file into an appropriate directory using the tar command. -To install into /opt/splunk, use the following command

tar xvzf splunk_package_name.tgz -C /opt

Verify that the file is readable and executable by the the Splunk user. If needed change access using below command

chmod 744 splunk_package_name.rpm

To install the Splunk RPM in the default directory /opt/splunk using below command

rpm -i splunk_package_name.rpm

To install Splunk in a different directory, use the --prefix flag:

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rpm -i --prefix=/opt/new_directory splunk_package_name.rpm

Accept license using below command

./splunk start --accept-license

Enable boot start

./splunk enable boot-start

You splunk is ready for use now.You can access it now using your favourite browser.

Note:- Splunk is not compatible with internet explorer and having some known issues. For splunk please use any other browser like Mozilla or Google Chrome.Default splunk url for your installation will be  as below:

http://localhost:8000 you can use hostname or ip address instead of localhost in above url.

For an Indepth knowledge on Splunk, click on below



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