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Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe messaging rethought as a distributed commit log and it is a fast, scalable and fault-tolerant messaging system. Kafka works in combination with Apache Storm, Apache HBase and Apache Spark for real-time analysis and rendering of streaming data. None of the Big Data project can be implemented without queuing, there are few traditional queuing systems are available like JMS, RabbitMQ, AMQP etc. But features of Kafka like scalability, Fault tolerance, High throughput, Durability, low latency etc. makes it a single choice in modern data architecture.

Apache Kafka Training Curriculum

Introduction to Big Data and Apache Kafka

In this module, you will understand Big Data, Kafka and Kafka Architecture.

Introduction to Big Data, Big Data Customer Scenarios, What is Kafka?, Need for Kafka, Core Concepts of Kafka, Kafka Architecture, Where is Kafka Used?

Deep Dive into Kafka Cluster

In this module, you will be instructed about the details of Kafka Custer and you learn all the components of Kafka Cluster in detail.

Understanding the components of Kafka Cluster, Installation of Kafka Cluster, Configuring Kafka Cluster, Producer of Kafka, Consumer of Kafka, Producer and Consumer in Action.

Kafka Operations and Performance Tuning

In this module, you will understand Kafka Operations and Performance Tuning

Offset, Design, Hardware, Kafka Monitoring and Issues, Kafka Performance Tuning, Reading data from Kafka, Demo-Twitter Kafka Producer, Introduction to Scala, Mixed Paradigm-Functional Programming, Scala Installation &, Configuration, Scala REPL, Scala Project Using Eclipse

Integration of Kafka with Hadoop and Storm

In this module, you will understand how to integrate Kafka with Big Data frameworks like Hadoop and Storm.

Understanding the Hadoop Cluste, Integrating Kafka with Hadoop Cluster, Understanding Apache Storm, Implementing Spouts and Bolts, Kafka with Storm Spout.

Kafka with Spark and Project

In this module, you will understand Spark Ecosystem, Configuring Spark Cluster, Integrating Kafka with Spark and Twitter, Use cases with Kafka, Storm and Hadoop.

Ecosystem of Spark, Understanding the Spark Cluster, Integrating Kafka with Spark.

Salary Trends

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Apache Kafka Training

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63 ratings
    • The online course session was good with a lot of discussion on the subject in depth. Demo's were good and the trainer cleared my doubts clearly.The trainer having a very good command on the subject.
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
    • Real time/live scenario's were included in the training sessions. The trainer's has very good command on the subject. Thank you..
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Claire Edwards
    • I like the training period from Tekslate. The course is very well designed that helps to keep track until we demonstrate subject mastery.
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Anya Vasilisa
    • Using most innovative teaching techniques, Tekslate intended to help students to learn through online. A great part of the coursework is allowed to use and earn certification by the time they finish t ...
      Profile photo of Suneel Kumar
      Alvin Alicia
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