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20th September, 2018




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The presentation core will provide rich user interface elements, animation, media support in the form of XAML

This XAML code is executed by CLR Exaction Engine

We can also use the facilities of WPF controls, SOA programming of WCF, Database operations with the help of LINQ as well as base class library facilities and CLR Dynamic facilities in silver light architecture runtime


.Net Framework 3.5 Architectures, Silver Light 200



  • Apart from these JavaScript engine in silver light is responsible to provide and execute Java script facilities
  • AJAX control library also can be used efficiently in silver light
  • Browser plug in will provide all the necessary services and DOM integration

  .Net frame work 4.0 architecture for silver light   Screenshot_33     Silver light plug –in:- Screenshot_34  

Silver light plug in has capabilities to interact with Java script and .net Runtime

Silver light plug in can raise the events of Java script and .net runtime and can understand the response.

Silver light plug in will pause and render the XAML code

At browser side or client side HTML markup will interact with silver light plug in and silver light plug in will interact with java script

At screen side silver light plug in will perform two tasks.

Integrating with .net Runtime to call the necessary events and to get the response

To parse and render the XAML code.

To work with Silver light we need to have following soft wares in our system

Designing & Developing

  • Editor Tool
    • Net
    • Visual web developer   Any one should be used
    • Expression Blend
  • Silver light SDK (2.0)
  • Silver light tool kit
  • .net framework


Visual studio.Net VS Net

It is preferable to use VS.Net 2010 to develop silver light appns because silver light templates are in built in this version If we install Vs.Net in 2010 we don’t get silver light SDK or silver light tool kit with that  development kit

Visual Web Developer

It is the low grade version of visual studio .net, we can use visual web developer to develop ASP –net applications, AJAK  web appsns, WEF appns and silver light applications

Expression Blend

This is a separate editor tool developed by Microsoft especially to build silver light applications

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