Siebel CRM Interview Questions

1.Mention what are some popular CRM software?

Some top popular CRM software are

  • Salesforce
  • Oracle CRM on Demand
  • OnContact
  • Sage Act
  • Prophet
  • Relenta
  • Webasyst
  • Sugar CRM

2.Mention different types of CRM?

CRM types are classified into three categories

  • Operational CRM
  • Analytical CRM
  • Collaborative CRM

3.List out factors that can be an obstacle for CRM (Customer Relationship Management/ Manager) success to an organization?

The obstacle for CRM success to an organization include

  • Absence of a clear transitional process
  • The main focus is on product sale and geographical segmentation of market
  • Key performance measurements are not tracked
  • Weak functional organization of a company
  • Lack of response to customers feedback and recommendations
  • Introducing other technology without implementing the necessary framework

4. Explain how CRM can be helpful in handling emails from customers?

CRM can be helpful in

  • Sorting emails from customers by workflow-enabled email processing capabilities
  • Automatically route emails to appropriate users based on workflow rules
  • Manage multiple attachments in emails
  • Sending replies to customer automatically
  • Associating emails with respective customers and incidents

5. Mention what are some of the challenges that an organization might have to face while incorporating CRM?

Some of the challenges that organization has to face are

  • Database cleansing to ensure that client information is in correct state
  • Integrating with other systems , new or existing
  • Sometimes system is more complicated and requires trainer to train external trainers
  • Expecting the vendor to manage all elements of your project

6.What is SIEBEL?

SIEBEL is the leading provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.

7.What difference between Fields and single value fields?

Multivalue field has the child values from a chind BC for the parent record configured through MVL. single value field will be either from the base table or joined table.

The Difference between Single Value Field (SVF) and Multi Value Field(MVF)

SVF- a field in BC which references a column in a table

MVF- a field in parent BC which references a field in child BC

Field-Identifies and defines a field in a business component. All fields making up a business component record contain entries from both Single Value Field and Multi Value Field object types

8.Optimization techniques in EIM?

Limit base tables and columns to be processed by using : only base Tables,ignore base Tables,only base Columns,ignore base Columns.

Always delete batches from EIM tables upon completion. Leaving old batches in the EIM table wastes space and can adversely affect performance. For other suggestions on working with batches.

Run independent EIM jobs in parallel. Two or more EIM processes can be started simultaneously by using the Siebel Server Manager.

9.List out some of the questions that help you decide whether you need a CRM system?

If you have following questions unanswered you might need CRM solution,

  • Do you know how many customer service issues each customer has had, and why?
  • Are you assured that all the leads in the sales pipeline are being followed up?
  • Is your team communicating well with potential clients?

10.Explain what is CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management.  It is a strategy and practices that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle.

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