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Tekslate’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM training will make you an expert in creating business applications with customer-resource management (CRM) capabilities. Our training covers all the key requirements and aspects for a CRM process and existing systems. It will enable you to gain in-depth knowledge on concepts of Configuring, Implementing and Managing Marketing Campaigns, Sales Management in Microsoft Dynamics.

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Course Snapshot

  • MSCRM Basics

    • MSCRM Introduction

    • MSCRM Architecture, Layers and Technology

    • MSCRM Basic Navigations

    • Accounts, Contacts, Activities

  • Customization & Solutions

    • Customisation of System Entity, Custom Entity

    • Entity Creation, Attribute Creations

    • Form Creation, Section, Tabs, I frames,

    • Relationship (1: N, N:1, N: N)

    • Views creation

    • Templates creation (Email, Contract, KB)

    • Understanding Solutions

    • Import & Export Customization

  • Report Management

    • Dashboard Creations

    • Customising Reports

    • Import and Exports of Reports

    • Customising RDL files with Business Intelligence Studio (Basic)

  • Web Services

    • Plugin Registration Tools

    • Writing and Registering Plugins

    • Deregistration of Plugins

  • ISV/Plugins

    • Plugin Registration Tools

    • Writing and Registering Plugins

    • Deregistration of Plugins

    • Components Management

  • Introduction to Customization and Configuration in MS CRM

    • Customisation or Development & Introduction or Entity Customisation.

    • Learn: How to Create a Solution and publisher

    • Configuring CRM, Business Units, Customizing Entities, Teams and Users

  • Entity Customization Concepts.

    • Create a Custom Entity.

    • Additional Entity Properties.

    • Modifying the Configuration of an Entity.

  • Create Custom Entities

    • Create a Custom Activity Entity

    • Building a Security Model in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

  • Introduction to Business Units.

    • Overview of Security Roles.

    • User Management Overview.

    • Team Management Overview, Teams and Sharing.

    • Manage Security Roles for Users and Teams.

    • Field Security. Access Team Templates. Auditing Overview  

  • How to Configure Security Roles

    • How to Configure User Access

    • Configure Field Security

    • Create and Configure an Access Team Template

    • Introduction to CRM Solutions

    • CRM Entity/Field Customization

    • Additional Field Customization

  • Customizing Charts and Dashboards

    • Create and Modify Charts.

    • Export and Import Charts.

    • Create and Modify Dashboards.

    • Learn: How to Create a Custom Chart & how to Create Create a Dashboard

  • Relationships

    • Types of Entity RelationshipsCreate

    • Entity Relationships1: N Relationship

    • BehaviorField Mappings in 1: N

    • RelationshipsConnections and Connection Roles.

  • Customising Forms

    • Form Customisation Overview.

    • Create and Modify Forms.

    • Quick Create and Quick View Forms.

    • Manage Multiple Forms — mobile Clients.

    • Learn: How to Modify Form Layout and Add Fields Lab: Create a Role-Based Form for the Competitor entity.

  • Business Rules Configuring

    • Views and Visualizations

    • View Customisation Concepts. System Views. Create Custom Views. Remove Unwanted Views. Learn how to Modify a Quick Find View & Create Custom Views

    • Introduction to Business Processes

    • Business Process Flows  and how to create a Multi-Entity Business Process Flow


    • Next generation search to make Search simpler, and faster!

    • Document management improvements.

    • Solution enhancements.

    • Interactive Service Hub including Multi-stream and Single-stream Dashboards.

    • External Party Access enhancements to the CRM API and SDK.

    • App-to-app deep linking.

    • Web Resources and IFRAME enhancements.

    • Data Performance Dashboard optimization recommendations.

    • Bulk Data Loader for CRM Online including recurring data import/export.

    • Modern web API enhancements including open industry standard OData v4.

    Prepare to install Microsoft Dynamics CRM

  • Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server

    • Learn to Load Sample Data
    • Installation of Reporting Extension
  • Deployment Manager

    • Manage Microsoft Dynamics CRM with the Deployment Manager and learn to Duplicate the Adventure Works Cycles Organization.

    • Upgrade methods of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

  • Email Management

    • How to Install the Email Router

    • Install and Configure Server-Side Synchronization

    • Install and Configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook

  • How to Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Outlook & Learn Offline Capability

    • Maintain and Troubleshoot a Deployment and Configuring Tracing

    Module 1: Extensibility Overview

    • Objectives

    • Introduction

    • Extensibility Platform and Features

    • Security Model

    • Business Model

    • Business Logic

    • Business Entity Components

    • Data Access Components and Platform

    • Helpful Skills

    • Resources

    • Summary

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Quick Interaction: Lessons Learned

    • Solutions

    • Objectives

    • Introduction

    • WCF Web Services

    • Discovery Service

    • Early versus Late-Binding

    • Early-Bound Entity Class

    • Late-Bound Entity Class

    • Organisation Service

    • Authentication and Authorization

    • Entity Information

    • Working with Data Types

    • Using the Create Method

    • Using the Retrieve Method

    • Using the Update Method

    • Using the Delete Method

    • Using the RetrieveMultipleMethod

    • Summary

    • Test Your Knowledge

    • Solutions

    • Goal Description

    • Need a Little Help?

    • Step by Step

    • Step by Step

    • Goal Description

    • Need a Little Help?

    • Step by Step

    • Step by Step

    • Objectives

    • Introduction Querying in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

    • Query Expression, QueryByAttitude, LINQ Queries

    • FetchXML

    • Filtered Views

    • OData

    • Execute Method

    • Requests and Responses

    • Using the MetadataService Web Service

    • Objectives

    • Overview of Workflow

    • Overview of Dialogues

    • Setting up Custom Workflow Activity Assemblies

    • Demonstration: Configuring a Custom Workflow Activity

    • Creating Custom Workflow Activities

    • Debugging Custom Workflow Activities

    • Creating and Modifying Windows Workflow Foundation (XAML Workflows)

    • Demonstration: Modifying an Existing Workflow in Visual Studio 2010

    • Objectives

    • Introduction

    • Overview of Plug-ins

    • Event Framework

    • Plug-in Isolation, Trusts and Statistics

    • Developing Plug-ins

    • Impersonation in Plug-ins

    • Entity Classes and Plug-ins

    • Register and Deploy Plug-ins

    • Debugging Plug-ins

    • Windows Azure Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

    • Objectives

    • Introduction for Using Jscript Libraries

    • Form and Field Events

    • Form Types

    • Form Event Handler Execution Context

    • Setting Event Dependencies

    • Pass Parameters

    • Using Best Practices in Writing Client-Side Code

    • Debugging Client-Side Code

    • Objectives

    • Introduction

    • Customising the Site Map

    • Customising the Ribbon

    • URL Addressable Forms and Views

    • Objectives

    • Introduction

    • Overview of Web Resources

    • Web Resource Management

    • Referencing Web Resources

  • Customer Service in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

    • Introduction to Service Management

    • Customer Scenarios

    • Customer Service Entities and Record Types

    • Case Management

  • Creating Case Records

    • Understanding the Process Ribbon and Menu Options

    • Case Resolution, Canceling and Deleting

    • Assigning Case Records

    • Other Actions on Cases From Forms and Views

    • Working with the Subject Tree

    • Working with the Case List and Views

    • Learn: Case Resolution Processing, Creating a case, Associate a phone call with the case and Resolve the case

  • Knowledge Base

    • Article Templates

    • Creating, Approving and Publishing Articles

    • Using and Searching the Knowledge Base

    • Cases and Knowledge Base Articles

    • Sending Knowledge Base Articles

    • Learn: Managing Knowledge Base Articles & Create, Submit, and Publish a Knowledge Base Article.

  • Queue Management

    • Learn to Create a New Public Queue for Incoming Questions

    • Customer Service Analysis

    • Customer Service Reports

    • Customer Service Charts and Dashboards

    • Customer Service Goals and Metrics

    • Learn: Goals and Goal Metrics & Modify a Goal Metric to Include in-Progress Cases

    • Schedule a Service by Using a Same-Site Requirement

    • Field Services

  • New in CRM 2016

    • New interactive service hub dashboards and forms help you prioritise workloads

    • Use of pre-formatted Excel templates to quickly create Excel documents directly from CRM.

    • One clicks easy generation of documents from CRM using role-based pre-defined Word templates.

    • Next generation Cortana integration for service teams.

    • Interactive generation of HTML in emails.


    We have made a tailored curriculum covering the latest industry-ready concepts to serve every individual’s learning desires.

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training  Objectives

    After the completion of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Training, a participant will be able to

    • Understand Entities Forms, Fields and Records

    • Defining Permissions and Privileges

    • Execute Deployment methods

    • Entity-Relationship Model

    • Activities, contacts, accounts, navigation

    • Managing Security Hierarchy

    • Work on Functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    • Configuring Emails and Managing Teams

    • Build charts or dashboards that can be utilised to analyse data

    • On average, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM  professional earns USD 143,500 per year.

    • Due to an increase in market demand, Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals are getting high salaries compared to professionals working on other technologies.

    • Many top multinational companies are hiring Microsoft Dynamics CRM Professionals.

    • They are numerous job opportunities available for Microsoft Dynamics CRM professionals around the world.

    • Experienced system administrators

    • Software Release Managers

    • Novice

    • System integrators

    • Implementation consultants

    • Technical staff

    Having basic knowledge of customer relationship management (CRM) is enough to learn MS Dynamics CRM.

    The tutor will take care of handling the projects. You will also get an opportunity to work on two real-time projects during this training which will help you in clearing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certification Exam.

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    Thank you support system for executing sessions without server issues and sending the course videos after training.

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