How to provide a Security in Oracle SOA



  • 2 ways to define security

  1. Designed mode security (J developer)
  2. Run time security(Emp—7001/em)

  • XSD, WSDL ... protection(MDS):

Oracle /WSS – user name _ token _ service_policy(lock1)

Oracle /WSS – user name _ token _ client_policy(lock1) 


  • Message Protection(networks):

                    Oracle /WSS11 _ sam1_ token _ with _message_ protection_ service_ policy[Lock2]

               Oracle /WSS11 _ sam1_ token _ with _message_ protection_ client_ policy[key2]

  1. Designed mode security:

Open project 2composite .XML

Right click on entry point(client)

Configure WS polices  2click

Security (Lock 1)(or)(Lock 2) 2 Ok


deploy the project

click on project(EM)

text   2 give i/p 2est web service

it shows invalid security : error

security  2 WSS user name Token

User name : Web logic

Password: welcome 1

Test web  service


  1. Run time security(EM):

     EM  2click on project  2

Policies  2 click2

Attach to / detach from (project name – client –ep )2 select 


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Available polices:

Name , ealgibilty

Attach  2  ok

Test à give i/pà test web service



How to create Users: (This for human task)

Console (- - : 7001/console)

Security realms 2click

My realm2 click

Users & groups2 click

New2 Name/ramesh, description/test, password/(8charatcter)welcome1, confirm password/welcome1


Ramesh 2 click




Deployers   2  Save




Test for it’s working or not:

-: 7001/console à username: Ramesh

Password: Welcome1

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