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22nd September, 2020




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SAP MM Release Procedure

This is an Electronic Document Approval i.e. 'on-line approval rather than a manual signature.

It is an approval process for Purchasing requisition and external Purchasing documents

It Involves:

  • Checking the correctness of the data
  • Giving the authorization to purchase

The approval may be based on the doc. type, doc. value, plant, etc. 

There are two types of Release Procedures:

  • With Classification (Item level release and only for PR)
  • With Out Classification (Header/document level release for RFQ, PO, contract and Scheduling. Agreement)

Note: Item level Approval is possible only in PR For other Purchase Documents only header level is possible


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Release Strategy: It defines the sequence in which the purchase document is to be released • It contains the release conditions, release codes, release prerequisites. It defines the entire approval or release process

Release Condition: It determines/identifies which release strategy applies.

Release Group: Group of persons responsible for releasing the Purchasing documents with assigned strategy.

Release Code/Point: It is a two-character alphanumeric id defined for each individual group (department) in the release group.

Release Pre-requisite: It defines, who has to release the document first.

Release Indicator:

  • It is a one-character id, represents a release status.
  • It is assigned to a document.
  • When an individual person of a group affects release with his release code, a release indicator is assigned to a document]  E.g.: Blocked - ‘B’, Released - 'R"
  • If a document is not released
  • It cannot print a document
  • You cannot send this to the concerned vendor
  • You cannot do the receipt of the goods

Frequently used tables in Release procedure

Doc                                         Table Name                                         Fields                                                                                                         

PR                                              CEBAN                                          MATKL - Material Group

BSART - Doc. Type                    CEKKO                                         BSART - Doc. Type. 

Contract                                     SESSR                                          GNETW- Net Order Value  

Scheduling Agreement                                                                  LWERT - Total Value Release

RFQ                                                                                                 UWERT- Partial Value Release 



Note: The effected Release can also be canceled, but it is possible only before the higher person in the hierarchy has not approved

SAP MM Tutorials

IMG Settings: Release Procedure

1.Edit Characteristics

2.Edit Class

3.Define release Procedure for PO

Release Groups -Release codes -Release Indicators -Release Strategies

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