Purchasing Info Record

T codes                                               Reports

Creation - ME11                             By Material – ME1M

Change - ME12                               By Vendor - ME1L

Display - ME13

• It is a Link or represents Material-Vendor relation ship.

• We can define as: Source of Information on (purchasing) procurement of certain material from a certain vendor.

• The Info Record allows you to determine (for buyer)

- Which materials have been previously offered or supplied by specific vendor

- Which vendor have offered /supplied specific material

• Purchase Info record consists:

- Price (current & future) and conditions (freight & discount etc)

- Delivery data (planned del. Time, tolerance limits for under deliveries or over deliveries

- The number of Last Purchase Order

- Vendor Evaluation data

- An indicator showing whether the vendor counts as regular vendor for the material

- Availability period during which the vendor can supply the material

- It also contains Quotation order data, current and future pricing data.

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Important Notes: Info record determines the price suggested in purchase document in two ways

1. Conditions:

Conditions are included if they have been mentioned for an info record manually or from a quotation

2. Last purchase order:

If an info record does not contain any condition, the system reads the number of the last purchase document in the info record and suggests the price from this document. While customizing the default values for buyer, you can define such that how the system handles the conditions from the last PO as

-Always copied

-Are not copied when the price is entered manually

-Are never copied

Purchase Info Record – IMG settings

Define Number Ranges (OMEO)

Assign the Number range to std document type for SAP i.e. IL

Source List

T codes                               Reports

Creation                                List of Vendors

& Change - ME01                for material -- ME0M

Display - ME03

• It is also a master record and gives a list of vendors available for a particular material and checks the validity of the vendor.

• It specifies the possible source of supply for a material over a given period of time.

• It shows the time period in which a material may be ordered from a given vendor or under certain long-term agreement.

• Source list support the user in answering the question “ which vendor can supply a material at a given point of time”.

Important Notes:

1. In the source list you can block a vendor for a single material or fix the vendor (make the vendor continuously)

2. Source list requirement are set at PLANT level but not at company code level (SAP recommends this)

3. It is also used in automatic selection of vendors for a material.

4. If a source list requirement exists, a material may not be procured from sources other than those included in the source list. A source list requirement can be specified for an individual material (in the material master) or for all materials of the plant (using the customizing parameter)

5. Source list records can be created manually either directly or from with in out line agreement or info record maintenance.

6. You can create the source list for a material by referencing another material

7. There is NO number range for source list

8. Source list is need not be maintained for one time vendor. But Vendor Master can be maintained (flagging one time vendor)

Source List IMG settings

-Define Source List Requirement at Plant Level (SPRO)

-the Check box of source list in Purchasing View in

-Material Master