Inventory Management Transfer Posting In Sap MM

Transfer Postings


-  You can only post withdrawals for consumption from unrestricted-use stock. From quality inspection stock and blocked stock, you can only withdraw a sample, scrap a quantity, or post an inventory difference.

- If you want to withdraw goods from blocked stock or quality inspection stock, you have to carry out a transfer posting into unrestricted-use stock first. This also applies to stock transfers.

- When you carry out a transfer posting, the stock type, batch number, or material number is changed. A transfer posting may also involve an actual physical stock transfer.

- The system creates a material document so that the transaction can be entered. The system only creates accounting documents if a change in valuation is involved (for example, stock transfer from plant to plant).

- You use the movement type to control the stock types involved in the transfer.

Stock Types


• In Inventory Management, there are three stock types that indicate a material’s usability. If batch status management is active, the system supports another stock type; restricted-use stock.

• Unrestricted-use stock:

• A company’s own stock that is physically located in the warehouse, is valuated, and is not subject to any restrictions on usage.

• Quality inspection stock:

• A company’s own stock that is in quality inspection. Quality inspection stock is valuated, but is not for unrestricted use. (not available for MRP, no with drawl is possible)

• Blocked stock:

• A company’s own stock that is not to be used. It is not for unrestricted use in Inventory Management and may be configured as not available for Materials Planning. (i.e available from MRP perspective, no with drawl is possible)

• You can only post with drawls from consumption from unrestricted stock

• From Quality Inspection/Blocked Stock you can with draw only sample or scrap material.