Goods Receipt


Steps during GR:

• Company Sends a PO to Vendor

• Vendor will send Material to Company based on PO may be full quantity or partial quantity to the delivery address mentioned in the PO

• Company makes a Goods Receipt

• GR will be done at the plant premises called GR area

• During the GR, system will generate one material document as a proof of action i.e. GR and it also generate Accountin


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The diagram shows an overview of all the key effects of a goods receipt referencing a purchase order.

At the goods receiving point

• System checks whether the delivery is the same as the purchase orders data, that is, whether the goods that were ordered have been delivered.

• The system suggests data from the purchase order when you enter the goods receipt (for example, items and quantities). This makes it easier to enter the goods receipt and check over deliveries and under deliveries when goods arrive.

• The purchase order history is automatically updated as a result of the deliveries.

• The Purchasing Department can send a reminder about late deliveries.

• When you post a goods receipt to the warehouse, the system creates a material document containing information such as the material delivered and the quantity delivered. The system also records the storage location in which you place the material into stock in the plant concerned.

• In transactions relevant for material valuation, the system creates at least one accounting document, which records the effects of the goods movement on the value of the stock.

Result of the goods receipts posting

1. Creation of the Material Document

-  When you post a GR, the system automatically creates a material document which serves as a proof of the goods movement.

2. Creation of the Accounting Document

Parallel to the Material Document, the system creates an account document.

3. Creation of goods receipt/issue slip

- When you enter GR you can print GR/Issue slip

4. Sending a mail message to Purchasing

- If the GR message indicator has been set in PO, the the buyer automatically receives a message about the delivery

5. Stock up date

- Stock will be updated in the material master record, depending on the destination of the goods

6. Good receipt into warehouse

-  Here the system will increase the total valuated stock and the stock type (unrestricted etc) by the delivered quantity. The stock value is updated at the same time.

7. Good receipt in to the consumption

- Only the consumption statistics are updated in the material master record. [However it does not update this stock for spl stock like sales order, project stock]

8. Good Receipt into GR blocked stock

- The stock levels remains the same

- It records only in the PO history

9. GR into a new storage location

- New storage location will be created when GR is posted (Provided customizing of automatic creation of storage location is done already)

- Other wise you have to add a new storage location to the material master before you post a GR to it.

10. Update the GL accounts

- System automatically updates the G/L accounts by the value of the goods receipt.

11. UP date in PO:

- PO History:

i. During the GR a PO history record will be automatically created which contains data like delivered qty, Mat doc no, item, Mat type and posting dates of GR

b. PO Item:

i. If the delivery completion indicator is set in the mat document the order is considered to be closed and the open PO qty is set to be zero

12. Other Updates:

- Depending on the characteristics of the material, movement and components used other updates are carried out like:

i. Entries will be made in the planning file or independent requirements reduction in mat. Plg

ii. Statistical data in Inventory controlling

iii. Vendor evaluation data in purchasing

iv. Transfer requirements and quota in WM

v. Inspection lots in QM

Effects of GR on PO and Material Master 

Before GR                                                                                                                After GR

In PO 

- Header data                                                                                                                 - Header Data

- Status View                                                                                                                    - Status view

               • Order Qty - X                                                                                                                Order Qty - X

• Delivery. Qty - 0                                                                                                           Deli. Qty - Y

• Still to be del - X                                                                                                           Still 2 be del X - Y

- Item Over View                                                                                                             - Item Over view

- No New tab called PO history                                                                                 A new tab PO History create

- Delivery Tab

       - Del. Completed indicator Del completed indicator

• (No check/masked) (If full PO Qty receives)

In Material master

- No New view                                                                             A new view will be added

- For Plant stock                                                                        - for plant stock

- For Storage loc stock                                                              - for storage location