Inventory Management In Sap MM Goods Issue

22 September, 2020


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Goods issue is the with drawl of 

Goods Issue

stock or delivery to customer - Goods issue leads to a reduction in stock

Types of Goods Issue:

• With drawl of material for Production orders

• With drawl of material for sampling & scrap

• Return deliveries to vendor

• Other types of internal staging of material

• Deliveries to the vendor without the involvement of the SD shipping component


Entering the good issue: Entering the goods issue can be created in two ways

Entering Good Issue  


  • Goods issues are either Planned or Unplanned


Inventory Management Goods Issue

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Inventory Management Goods Issue

  • Goods issues can be planned or unplanned. The data to be entered depends on the type of goods issue. The R/3 System prepares various account assignment fields, depending on the movement type and system configuration. It uses automatic account determination to determine the G/L account to which the movement is posted. You enter a G/L account only if you want to post the goods movement to another account.
  • If the material is no longer of use, it is posted for scrapping. If the material is destroyed, this information must also be entered in the R/3 System. You can scrap material from unrestricted-use stock, stock in quality inspection, and blocked stock. When you post material for scrapping, the R/3 System reduces the relevant stock, transfers the value of the scrapped material from the stock account to a scrap account, and debits the cost center entered.
  • Sample withdrawal is a goods issue generally linked to quality inspection. The SAP sampling procedure assures you that the sample for testing is taken from the existing stock. The sampled goods are treated as destroyed in other words, the system assumes that the material can no longer be used after the quality inspection. In this way, sampling is the same as scrapping, with the exception that the value of the sampled material is posted from the material stock account to the quality inspection expense account

Why Reference Document:

  • When a reference document exists (reservation/order)
  • It can check whether what was requested is actually issued
  • The system can suggest data (like a mat, qty, A/c assignment, over/under deliveries, etc) from the reference document
  • After with drawl, qty withdrawn is updated in the reference document and reserved qty is reduced accordingly.


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