ASAP Methodology In Sap MM

22 September, 2020


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ASAP (Accelerated SAP) methodology

Phase I: Project Preparation

  • Decision-makers define clearly Project objectives and an effective decision-making process.
  • Define Project organization and Roles.
  • Implementation scope is finalized
  • System Landscape and technical requirements are finalized
  • Infrastructure (Hardware/Interfaces)
  • High-level strategies for client
  • Archiving strategy
  • Issues of Databases
  • Other issues like
  • Unanticipated tasks
  • Normal tasks that can not be completed
  • External factors that need to be dealt with

Phase II: Blue Print Phase

The scope of R/3 implementation is defined.

The business blueprint is created.

The tools used for this is

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  • ASAP Implementation assistant
  • Question and Answer DataBase (Q&A dB)
  • Business Process Master List (BPML)
  • R/3 Structure Modules
  • Business Navigator and External Modeling tools

Project Management (Activities like…)

  • Conducting Status Meeting for Project Meeting
  • Conducting Steering committee meetings
  • Addresses the issues like Organizational Change Management

Other Activities Like

  • Project Team Training
  • Developing the system environment
  • Defining Org Structure
  • Define Business Process

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Phase III: Realization Phase

  • Configuring the R/3 System
  • Defining the Authorizations in R/3
  • Defining the workflow
  • Creating Use Documentation
  • System manager procedures
  • Developing System Test plans
  • Define the Service level Commitment
  • Establishing the System Administration function
  • Setting up the Quality Assurance environment

Phase IV: Testing and Final Preparation

Testing, user Training, System management, and Cutover activities

The test Plan has the activities of:

  • Testing the conversion procedures and programs
  • Total Interface programs
  • Volume and Stress testing
  • Final User acceptance testing
  • Developing a Final Go-Live strategy
  • Redirection to Go-Live
  • Preparation of End-user documentation
  • Training for the End Users
  • Technical environment installation on the Production system and testing
  • Transfer of Legacy data and preparation plan for Go-Live

Phase V: GO-Live Phase

  • Production support facilities are carried out
  • Validations of Business process and their configuration
  • Follow up training for End Users - Sign–Off

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