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22 September, 2020


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Welcome to SAP MDM Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to provide an in-depth understanding of SAP MDM. In addition to free SAP MDMe, we will cover common interview questions, issues, and how to’s of SAP MDM.

SAP Master Data Management

MDM in SAP stands for Master Data Management. In an organization master data is stored for various sections and various activities in different forms. So for best results, these master data should be consolidated and maintained centrally as a single version source. Here comes the SAP NetWeaver MDM component. MDM is one of the core components of SAP NetWeaver Architecture for information management activity. It is the platform for consolidating, cleaning, and synchronizing and distributing the master data. MDM provides the customers, vendors, products like master data as a single version of central master data.


Organizational Integration

Generic Roles

  • Describe general responsibilities in Master Data Maintenance
  • Can vary from process to process
  • Structured around the Maintainer, who has SAP access determined by MDM Business Roles

MDM Business Roles

  • Specific responsibilities for the Maintainer, based on Business Processes, focus for data ownership
  • Links MDM activities and hence master data objects – Structures Supporting Documentation
  • Completes a set of activities to provide full data details needed


  • System Access (SAP, MDM Web applications)
  • Training Requirements

Managerial Master Data Roles

Local MDM Manager

  • Controls local Master Data activities
  • Responsible for SLA and KPI Implementation
  • Resolves most Local Master Data issues
  • Escalates unresolved issues
  • Assures training and knowledge retention on MDM
  • Maintains Local documentation Reporting to Local Master Data Sponsor for MDM Workload: high at first? Depends on site size and role scope

Management support from Local Master Data Sponsor

  • Accountable for local MD quality, procedures, and local KPIs
  • Ensures local MD organization satisfies business users
  • Local management team e.g. Financial Director or Quality Manager Workload: ½ day/month

Moving from Data Conversion to Master Data Management



SAP MDM Interview Questions

MDM Benefits

Master data management (MDM) is the creation of a single, accurate, and unified view of corporate data, integrating information from various data sources into one master record. This, in turn, translates to:

Operational Efficiency

  • Cost savings due to accurate production information
  • Improved time to market for product setup
  • Improved interaction with the customer
  • Reduced IT Cost for data Integration

Improved Decision Making

  • Single Enterprise definition of Hierarchies
  • More accurate performance analysis

Regulatory & Compliance

More accurate reporting to regulatory compliances


A single definition of master data is critical to success when merging financials, planning, BI of 2 Companies


MDM sits at the “heart” of Business Processes

Roles are fundamental to link Processes to Master data Objects

  • Security of Transactions
  • Link to Training Curriculum
  • Focus for Ownership, MDM Communication Tools

Implementations frequently overlook MDM

  • Lost knowledge transfer from data migration
  • Difficult “Go-live” if MDM left uncontrolled
  • Recovery in recently implemented or long-standing systems can be through a focus on limited roles.
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