SAP MDG Interview Questions

Are you planning to attend an interview for SAP MDG Developer role but confused on how to crack that interview and also what would be the most probable SAP MDG interview questions that the interviewer may ask? Well, you have reached the right place. Tekslate has collected the most frequently asked SAP MDG interview questions which are often asked in multiple interviews.

Q1) Define baseline data in  AP and SAP AR?

Ans: The baseline date is the payment terms apply. Usually, baseline data is the document date on the invoice however, it can also be the date of passage or posting date from the ledger.

Q2) Define SAP MDG?

Ans: SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) is a state-of-the-art master data management solution, providing out-of-the-box, domain-specific master data governance to centrally create, change, and distribute, or to consolidate master data across your complete enterprise system landscape.

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Q3) What are the benefits of SAP MDG?


  • Single Entry Point to maintain master data
  • Standardized Process to control data changes
  • Workflow-based process
  • Standardized Tools for ensuring data quality
  • Duplicate check
  • Data validation & Enrichment
  • Merging and Cleansing
  • Transparency on the data changes
  • Who, when, what
  • Process Analytics
  • Data Flow Transparency

Q4) Define Business Content?

Ans: It is a pre-designed and pre-characterized model of data contained in the SAP distribution center which can be utilized specifically or with wanted adjustment in various industries.

Q5) What are Business challenges in SAP MDG?


  • Introducing master data governance in your organization
  • Lack of transparency of master data process execution in a distributed environment
  • Viewing system-wide transactional information of master data objects
  • Understanding the data quality of the governed master data

Q6) How Integrated multiple RDS’s to fast track your road to a successful master data governance strategy?


  • Master Data Governance
  • Master Data Governance Process Insight
  • Master of Data Intelligence
  • Master Data Remediation

Q7) What is the Scope of Master Data?


  • display, Search,  change, creation of single material master data
  • Changes in Mass processing
  • File upload
  • Broad out-of-the-box coverage of material attributes – incl. central and classification data as well as organizational unit data (can even be extended by customers as needed)

Q8) What is Customer Data Processing in SAP MDG?


  • Workflow-driven creation and change process for Customers
  • Change requests steer the maintenance & approval process of new or changed data
  • Document changes for audits
  • Worklists organize due changes
  • Adaptable user interfaces and validations can be different per workflow step if needed

Q9) What are the Key Functions and Features of SAP MDG?


  • SAP MDG cockpit for Data-quality monitoring
  • transparent and direct insight into the current level of data quality
  • Integration and Continuous monitoring with processes in SAP MDG  to remediate information issues
  • Governed quality and Increased of master data in SAP ERP
  • Reliability and accuracy of all master data–related analyses