Ruby On Rails Interview Questions and Answers

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7th October, 2020




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Q1) Explain what is Ruby on Rails?


  • Ruby: It is a question arranged programming dialect enlivened by PERL and PYTHON.
  • Rails: It is a system utilized for building a web application

Q2) Explain what is class libraries in Ruby?

Ans: Class libraries in Ruby comprise of an assortment of spaces, for example, information composes, string programming, different areas, and so forth.

Q3) What is Yield in Ruby on Rails?

Ans: A Ruby method that receives a code block invokes it by calling it with the Yield.

Q4) What is CoC in Rails?

Ans: DRY stands for Convention over Configuration. It provides different opinions for the best way to do many things in a web application.

Q5) Who developed Rails?

Ans: Ruby on Rails was created by David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH).

Q6) What is the use of super function in Ruby on Rails?

Ans: The super function in Ruby is used to invoke the original method. It calls the superclass implementation of the current method

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Q7) How Many Types Of Callbacks Available In Ror?

Ans: before_validation before_validation_on_create validate_on_create after_validation after_validation_on_create before_save before_create after_create after_save

Q8) What Are The Servers Supported By Ruby On Rails?


  • RoR was generally preferred over the WEBrick server at the time of writing, but it can also be run by:
  • Lighttpd (pronounced ‘lighty’) is an open-source web server more optimized for speed-critical environments.
  • Abyss Web Server- is a compact web server available for Windows, Mac osX and Linux operating system. Apache and nginx

Q9) What Is The Log That Has To Seen To Check For An Error In Ruby Rails?

Ans: Rails will report errors from Apache in log/apache.log and errors from the ruby code in log/development.log. If you having a problem, do have a look at what these log are saying.

Q10) Ruby Supports Single Inheritance/multiple Inheritance Or Both?

Ans: Ruby Supports only Single Inheritance

Q11) What Are The Components Defined In The Model From Mvc Architecture?

Ans: The components involved in defining the model are as follows:

  • Validations: this is one of the very essential components and it defines the validations that are being put up on the input type of stream like validate_presence_of, format_of, etc.
  • Relationship: This is another type of component that describe the relationship between different types of components and it shows the relationship in the form of has_one, has_many, etc.
  • Callbacks: this is essential when it comes to respond after the failure and it allows the application to have certain functionality during failure. This can be given as before_save, after_save, etc.
  • Validation group settings: allow users to define the installed plugin settings.
  • Active record association relationship: allows current records to be actively having the relationship between one another.

Q12) What Is Active Record?

Ans: Active Record are like Object Relational Mapping(ORM), where classes are mapped to table and objects are mapped to columns in the table.

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