Properties with flow document class in WPF

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21st September, 2018




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11Column width 11Column Group 11Column Rule Brush 11column Rule Width 11line Height 11page Height 11page width

Column width:-

This property is used to set or get the required width for the columns  

Column gap:-

 It is used to set / get the column gap that is to be maintained b/w the columns  

Column Rule brush:-

used to set/get the required color of the line that can be created b/w the columns  

Column Rule width:-

 used to get/set the vertical line width that can be maintained/created b/w the  columns.

Line Height:-

used to get as set the required height to the lines within the paragraph  

Page height:-

used to set/get the height of the page  

Page width:-

used to set/get the width of the page 11To create a flow document we can use flow document templates (or) we can use as a part of controls that is flow document readers or flow document page viewer or flow document scroll viewer  

Eg to create flow document by using template

  Create a new WPF application


Go to solution explores


Select solution


click with right mouse button


Click on Add new item


click on New Item


select WPF from categories


Select the template flow document


Type the name flow document]


Click on Add


Go to source


Write the following code <Flow Document xmms=’https// column width = “200” column gap=50 <paragraph> <bold> And [data] </bold>                </paragraph> <paragraph>      <italic>       date               <italic/>   11In general when we work with flow document template we cannot place nay other controls within the how document and at design view. We cannot find any design. 11To see the appearance of the data run the application & check 11To display the data in multiple columns use the following properties along with flow documents 11<flow Document xmms --- column width =”200” column width = “4” column rule brash = “blue” Column gap = “25” /> <paragraph> data- </paragraph> To display the image within the flow document write the following code inside any paragraph tag 11<paragraph> <bold data- <Image source = “D:\Images\autumn, JPG./> </bold> </paragraph> Kun the application & check . By default image will be displayed with same width of the columns if we increase or decrease column width image size displayed according  

Example to work with flow document Reader control

In the above example we created using How document template we cannot place any other controls like buttons, text box etc. If we want to place along with flow document other controls then we use flow document reader control.  


Create a window within your WPF application


Go to toolbox


click on Right mouse


Choose Items


Choose Items dialog box will be displayed


Click on WPF component tab age


activate the controls


Flow Document Reader Flow Document Page viewer Flow Document Scroll viewer


Click on Ok Place the required controls on the window Create flow document reader control Go to source and write the following code inside flow document recoder

  • <Flow Document Reader Name=”flow Document Reader 1 “>

<flow document xmlns = “http://schemas.nicrosfot> Column width = “400” column gap = “50” <paragraph> <bold> Data----- </bold> </paragraph> Run the application and  check

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