Oracle SOA Sample Project Creation

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16th October, 2020




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Create new project:

Name / create number party prov ABCS Impl

Create new project  

Create table:

(Normal WIDL before take I/P xsd’s)

  • < ? Xml version = “1.0” encoding =”UTF-8”/? >

< Definitions name = “BPEL process 1”

Target name space = http://xmlns.Oracle.wm/application name/project name/BPEL process name xmlns:aia = “2”

xmlns = http://schemas.xml

xmlns:clinent = application name/ project name/ BPEL processname

xmlmns:plnk = link/>

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  • < types >

< schema xmlns =>

< import namespace = ““

Schema location = “xsd/BPEL process1.xsd”/>

  • < message name = “ BPEL process1 request message”>

< part name = “payload” element =”client : process”/>


<message name = “BPEL process response message”>

<part name “payload” element = “client : process response “


  • <port type name = “BPEL process 1”>

<operation name =”process”>

<input message =” Clint: BPEL process request message “/>

<output message = “Clint: BPEL process response message”/>


</port type>

  • <plank: partner link type name =” – “ >

</plank: partner link type>


  1. Xsd path (it’s taking from server à  - : 7777 / AIA components )
  2. Target name space = “ 2” copy paste in to normal WSDL name space
  3. < XSD : element name = “ create customer party EBM” type = “C.C.P.EBM type />
  4. <u: element name = “create customer party response EBM” type = “ C.C.P.R.EBM type”/>



Name/transform_customer party EBM_to_Ebiz Axccount DB

Mapping file: X_from_customer party EBM_to_Ebis account DB

C1 2  ID,

C2 -2 name,

C32 currency,

C42 address

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