Prerequisite to create a planning application

21 September, 2018


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Prerequisite to create a planning application

Steps to create a RDBMS Database

  • Click on START  - - >ALL PROGRAMS
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Sql Server management Studio
  • Click on the content
  • Right Click on Database
  • Click on New Database
  • Provide the Database name
  • Click on an Icon to select the Owner
  • Enter sql server admin login name(admin)
  • Click on check names
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  • Click on ok
  • Provide the data and log files size 20 and 10(or 2) MB respectively
  • Click on ok
  • Expand the security on your LHS(left hand side)
  • Expand the logins
  • Select your planning administrator login(Machine name/admin)
  • Right click and click properties
  • Click on user mapping on your LHS
  • Select the database, which you create just now. Enable the check box for db_owner role
  • Click on ok
  • Click on File - - >  Click on Exit

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