Performance Testing Interview Questions and Answers

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16th October, 2020




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Performance Testing Interview Questions and Answers

Explain Performance Testing Life Cycle.

  • Step 1: System Analysis (Identification of critical transaction)

Virtual User Generator

  • Step 2: Creating Virtual User Scripts (Recording)
  • Step 3: Defining Users Behavior (Runtime setting)

LoadRunner Controller

  • Step 4: Creating Load Test Scenarios
  • Step 5: Running the Load Test Scenarios and Monitoring the Performance

LoadRunner Analysis

  • Step 6: Analyzing the Results

What is Load testing?

Load testing is to determine if an application can work well with the heavy usage resulting from a large number of users using it simultaneously. Load is increased to to simulates the peak load that the servers are going to take during maximum usage periods.

Mention what is the benefit of Load Runner on testing tools?

Benefit of LoadRunner testing tools is

  • Versatility
  • Test Results
  • Easy Integrations
  • Robust reports
  • Enterprise Package

Performance Testing Interview Questions

How do you identify which protocol to use for any application?

Previously Performance tester had to depend much on the development team to know about the protocol that application is using to interact with the server. Sometimes, it also used to be speculative.

However, LoadRunner provides a great help in form of Protocol Advisor from version 9.5 onwards. Protocol advisor detects the protocols that application uses and suggest us the possible protocols in which script can be created to simulate the real user.

What are the different components of LoadRunner?

The major components of LoadRunner are:

  • VUGen- Records Vuser scripts that emulate the actions of real users.
  • Controller – Administrative center for creating, maintaining and executing load test scenarios. Assigns scenarios to Vusers and load generators, starts and stops loading tests.
  • Load Generator – An agent through which we can generate load
  • Analysis – Provides graphs and reports that summarize the system performance

Explain what is the throughput for Performance Testing?

In performance testing, throughput is referred to the amount of data transported to the server in responds to the client request at a given period of time. It is calculated in terms of requests per second, calls per day, reports per year, hits per second, etc. Performance of application depends on throughput value, higher the value of throughput -higher the performance of the application.

Mention what are the phases of automated performance testing?

Phases of automated performance testing includes

  • Design or Planning
  • Build
  • Execution
  • Analyzing & Tuning

What is a Modular approach to scripting?

In Modular approach, a function is created for each request (e.g. login, logout, save, delete, etc.) and these functions are called wherever required. This approach gives more freedom to reuse the request and saves time. With this approach, it is recommended to work with web custom request.

Explain the sub-genres of Performance testing?

Following are the sub-genres of Performance Testing:

  • Load Testing: it is conducted to examine the performance of application for a specific expected load. A load can be increased by increasing the number of the user performing a specific task on the application in a specific time period.
  • Stress Testing: is conducted to evaluate a system performance by increasing the number of users more than the limits of its specified requirements. It is performed to understand at which level application crash.
  • Volume Testing: test an application in order to determine how much amount of data it can handle efficiently and effectively.
  • Spike Testing: what changes happen on the application when suddenly a large number of user increased or decreased.
  • Soak Testing: is performed to understand the application behavior when we apply load for a long period of time what happens on the stability and response time of application.

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