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24th September, 2020




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Q.1) What is Oracle Apex?

Ans) Oracle Apex is a free web development tool. Apex runs on PL/SQL inside the web browser. Apex is a runtime environment. It is used to code web apps. User-specific with user ID lof into Apex & run the apps from the menu. We can create reports, forms & charts. Flexible to integrate our own javascript code. Outputs can be off the screen as PDF or to the screen, Flash, Excel Sheet or into web services via integration.

The most important and basic feature of Oracle Apex is that it is tightly integrated with Oracle DB, & fully capable of the web development environment. We can even customize the theme or use the basic theme for the look & feel of the application.

Q.2) What are the advantages of APEX? The following are the advantages of APEX:


  • No license required it is free.
  • To build application it is a fast learning curve for developers.
  • We can build web applications that are fast & secure through APEX.
  • There is a lot of scope for customization of the application as per our requirement.
  • Deployment of application is very simple as “Import & Export”. If any hard code with reference to values varies between environments are avoided.
  • Apex Framework & meta-data is stored in Oracle tables. It runs on live Oracle DB’s.

Q.3) SQL Statement that defines a foreign key constraint on column DEPT NO1 of EMP1 Table?

Ans) CREATE TABLE EMP1 (empno NUMBER(301), ename VARCHAR(45), deptno NUMBER(5,3), NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT emp1_deptno1_fk FOREIGN KEY deptno1 REFERENCES dept1(deptno1));

Q.4) What are DML Commands?

Ans) Delete, Update, Merge & Commit are the DML Commands.

The SQL Statement that generates alias od annual salary for column calculated SALARY*12?
SELECT eno, ename, salary*12 ”Annual Salary” FROM employees1;

Q.5) Specify the user through which you connect to APEX application?



Q.6)Skills required for APEX developers?

Ans) Basics of PL/SQL & SQL are required & the added advantage would be having skills related to customizing look and feel with Javascript, CSS, HTML.

Q.7) Mention the types of APEX Users? Actually, they are divided into 3 they are:


  • Developer.
  • Instance Administrators.
  • Workspace Administrators.

Q.8) Define the support for APEX that exists?

Ans) Application Express could be the best community for some to help deliver, develop & the use of APEX applications. The basic support is from APEX forum of Oracle Tech Network. We can find answers & tips related to development from in & out of Oracle.

Q.9) Few Examples of Views of Apex?


apex_workspace_activity_log, apex_workspace etc.

Q.10) Define how to direct application to Https instead of Http?


Steps to Include::
Create wallet from apache home → configure ssl.conf file → Restart apache → Verify using optmnctl status - I

Q.11) What are the platforms that support Oracle Apex?

Ans)  The below mentioned supports the Oracle Apex::

  • HP Tru64 UNIX (Compaq / DEC)
  • HP-UX Itanium
  • z/Linux
  • Linux x86-64
  • Linux Itanium
  • Microsoft Windows - x64
  • Microsoft Windows - 64 -bit Itanium
  • AIX5L
  • Solaris Operating System - SPARC - 64 bit
  • Solaris x86
  • Microsoft Windows - 32 -bit
  • Mac OS X Server
  • Linux x86
  • Linux on Power
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