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24th September, 2018




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Logging in MSBI

Logging is a features which creates the records that traces the execution of tasks and containers with in the package. Steps to configure loggings: Open Business Intelligent Development studio and configure a package----------------> In control flow, right click and select logging----------------> Check containers check box----------------> In provides and logs tab, Provider type –Select  SSIS log provider for Text Files

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Click Add----------------> Check newly added log provide check box----------------> In configuration header, select new----------------> Usage Type –Select create File Option File – Click Browser----------------> Provide file Name(logged information.txt) And check open---------------->

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Click ok Select Details tab, Check events check boxes on which you want to capture log information on error, on warning, on Query Failed, on pre execute ---------------->   Click Advanced button---------------->   Click ok to save the changes done For an Indepth knowledge on MSBI click on:


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