Limitations of Selenium IDE

Ex:-The recorded scripts can’t be run on the iterative for increments builds it the application is dynamically changing [Regularly check]

  • We can’t perform Re-testing.

Ex:-Test the login functionality with multiple sets of login individual

  • Static actions can’t be recorded

Ex:-GU3 test cases

  • It won’t provide a detailed test report.
  • We can’t perform database testing also.
  • Are the above can be handle by using RC(or), Web driver.

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When to use Selenium IDE[when to go for recorded]?

  • To check whether the application is compactable with selenium on got can be done by using selenium IDE.It means take the application and record multiple Scenarios. It the led in generating the  script then we can conclude the applications is computable with selenium.
  • we can also identify the challenge3 while recording the scripts.
  • It is also known as POC[proof of concepts]
  • If we are facing any problem to identify the locators while developing the scripts ,the locations can be taken by using selenium IDÉE.
  • We can convert the recorded script to a specific language and it can utilize in RC as well as Web driver.

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