Job Sequencing in Data Stage

20 September, 2018


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Job Sequencing

It is Controlling the order of execution.

Master Job

Can run multiple jobs with the same name



Checking the compilation of job 1,  if it is compiled without errors, then job 2 is compiled.

Error handling 

This situation arises when Job is Aborted


When everything is successful, we should get a confirmation mail that it is Successful.

Wait for file 

Waits for the file, until it is searched and gets loaded into the source.


If a job is aborted in between by any chance, check point make sure that the job starts from the point where it has failed.

Parameter Mapping 

We cannot use a parameter defined in 1 job to another job, TO do this we use parameter Mapping.

Job sequencing Stages are categorized into 4 groups 

  1. Run stages
  2. Flow control stages
  3. Error handling stages
  4. Other stages

New 11Select Sequence job11click on view  11click on palette option 11palette opens

Designing a Master Job 

To run a set of jobs in specific sequence  11 click view  11 Repository 11Select Jobs 11 Drag and Drop Required jobs.


Drag  the Job Activity  from the palette 11Right click 11 Browse the job 

Job Activity

Supports multiple outputs but only 1 i/p




Multiple  inputs and multiple outputs

11here we are executing Trigger Stage that is job finished with no errors/ Warnings.

Error handling

If job  aborts, we use Terminator


Master page


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Exception handling 11Notification Activity 11Terminator

If Server is failed 11Exception handling

Job properties

Automatically handle Activities that fail 11If this is enabled, then only exceptions will perform and continues the job

Notification Activity 

Job finishes – mail has to be delivered

Aborts – mail

Server down – mail

Wait for file Activity

Properties 11browse the record file11 wait for file to appear do not timeout

Check points

Job properties

Add checkpoints to sequence is restartable on failure

Click on Job Activity

We can see the option11 Do not check point run

Parameter Mapping

Jobs 11 Insert parameter 11 Job properties 11 Add parameters

Oracle                      oracle parameter                parameter set

D no                                  deptn                               Integer

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