JMS (Java messaging service) in Oracle SOA 11g

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JMS (Java messaging service)11g

  • Queue (one to one)
  • Produces
  • Consumes
  • Request/reply
  • Topic(one to many)
  • Publisher
  • subscribe

JMS adapter configuration: (console)

Service/messaging/ JMS modules/SOA JMS modules2  click 2

New2  queueà next 2

Name(Ramesh -Q) , JNDI name(JMS. Ramesh- Q)2 next2

Sub deployment (SOA sub deployment) SOA JMS server(default) 2


Service/messaging/ JMS modules/SOA JMS modules 2  click 2

New 2  connection Factory à next 2

Name(Ramesh -CF) , JNDI name(JMS. Ramesh- CF) 2  next 2

Sub deployment (SOA sub deployment) SOA JMS server(default)2

Finish 2

Deployments 2 JMS adapters 2  click 2  configuration , outbound connection pools 2 new2 oracle .tip .adapters .jms .Ijms connection factory

Next 2

JNDI Name (eis.jms.Ramesh1)à finish 2 path (../jmsplan,xml )2 ok

Oracle .tip.adapters.IMS connection Factory

Eis.jms.Ramesh1 2 click

Connection factory location (JMS.Ramesh_CF) , password(welcome 1), the username(Weblogic) 2

save 2 Deployments2 JMS adapter 2  select 2

Update2 Next2 finish

Project: JMS _producer à one way  


JMS produce adapter:

2 oracle weblogic jms

4-9 2 app.server name(app _ server_ ramesh1)

7-9 2 Destination name(jms.Ramesh_Q), message body type (text message), delivery mode (persistent), priority(high 6,5,4,3,2,1), JNDI name(eis.JMS.Ramesh1)

8-9 2 sample output XSD (native format)  


i/p:  ID 2 int

name 2 string

sal 2 string  


Receive i/p 2o invoke i/p  

To check the o/p of the queue;

Console 2o services/messaging/JMS module/ SOA modules Ramesh _Q 2o monitoring

SOA JMS module Ramesh _Q, show message2 click

ID:<972770.1378910257358 à click It shows o/p of the project.  

JMS_ Consume: Define service later


JMS consume adapter:

3-4 2 Same as JMS produce

7-9 2Same as JMS produce

Select consume message operation

8-9 2  sample i/p XSD(Native format)2 direct take XSD’s 2


2 create XML document convert XML to XSD, after direct take XSD  

DB _ insert:

Normal process  


Receive i/p2 invoke i/p  

Error – Q (or) Milestone JMS _ Q


Click on Q (ex: Ramesh _Q)

Delivery failure 2 click

Error destination

Q name = error_Q  

BAM(Business Activity Monitoring) Analysing and Reporting    

Bam console contains(- -:9001/oracle BAM)

  • Active viewer 2 view reports
  • Active studio 2. Create, edit and view report and alerts
  • Architect 2 create /delete/update à data objects
  • Administrator 2  admin
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  • Configure BAM adapter(only one BAM configured)
  • Create data objects(2 ways to create data object: 1. BAM console, 2. Cmd 2 i command)
  • Create BAM adapter to connection in J developer
  • Use BAM adapter to connect BAM reports


1. BAM adapter configurationLonly one BAM configured)

Console (-- :7001/console)

Deployment2oracle BAM Adapter 2  click

Configuration 2  outbound connection pools

Oracle .bam.adapters,adc.soap connection factory

Eis/bam/soap 2click

Host name (local host)    2      password (welcome1)  2   port number(9001)  2   user name(weblogic)


Deployment2 oracle BAM Adapter 2 select

Stop 2  force stop now

Oracle bam adapters

Start -2service all request (1st option ) 2  click  

2. Create data object:

    2 ways to create a data object

  • BAM console (-- : 9001/oracle BAM)
  • Start à cmd 2 i command


BAM console :

Architect 2 click

Data objects 2 click (purpose of create folders)

Create a sub folder 2 click

Ramesh 2  create folder

Ramesh 2  click  

Create data objects

Name for new data object/employee details

Add a field 2 click

Field 1(ID), name (string) , max size (50), not nullable, click check box , tip text

Add a field 2 click  


  • BAM console :

active studio2click

create a new report2 Click

Click any one of the below-tiled reports


3d pie chart 2 click

Ramesh 2 double click

Employee details 2 select

Next2 Group by (id , name click the name), chart values(id click the id, name), summary functions(click count)

Next2 Finish

Save 2click

Save in my reports

Create new folder2click

Enter a new name for the folder /Ramesh 2 ok

Ramesh 2double click , my report /Ramesh

Report name/ employee pie chart 2 ok 2ok  

  • Create BAM connection in j developer;

J developer 2 composite .XML 2external reference

Right click2 BAM

Next 2Service name/ BAM adapter name (ex: populated BAM)

Data Object (browse ) 2 click

Operation (Upsert)

Operation name (write to BAM) 2 Connection name /BAM server connection1 2

BAM web host (local host), BAM server host(local host), user name(weblogic), password(welcome1) 2

Next 2test connection 2  finish  

BAM server connection 1


Employee details2  select 2 Ok

Available (id, name)2 selected(id , name) 2  next 2JNDI name(eis/EAM/SOAP)

Next 2  finish

  BAM Server connection


i/p id2 invoke i/p /temp id 2 DB table



ID Name
100 AAA
101 BBB
102 CCC

Populated BAM adapters:

Create BAM connection in J developer

DB _ select

4-10 2select

8-102 parameter Name (temp ID) , edit 2 add 2parameter 2ok

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