JavaFX Interview Questions

19 September, 2018


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JavaFX Interview Questions


How does JavaFX compare to Flash and Flex?

Flex pretty good but also started to use JavaFX. I am a little bit confused. JavaFX seems to focus more on low level drawing operations and animations. Less on creating standard UIs like Flex.On The Other Side JavaFX Also Supports Swing Components As Well As Data Binding, Which Makes It Appear More Like Flex.

Where Is The JavaFX Scene Builder Gone?

I Am Trying To Find The Elusive JavaFX Scene Builder So I Can Use It In Intellij. =I Am On Windows OS.

Oracle Have Stated That The JavaFX Scene Builder Is Included In A New Download, But No Matter How I Search I Cannot Find It (SeeHttp://Www.Oracle.Com/Technetwork/Java/Javafx/Downloads/Index.Html). I Think They Have Linked To The Incorrect Page And Googling For It Is Getting Me Nowhere.

I Already Have Java 8 SDK Installed And Working Fine. Apparently JavaFX Is Now Included In That, But Nowhere In The Java Folder Can I Find The Scene Builder And It Seems To Be Completely Missing Online.

What about JavaFX on the iPad or other mobile devices?

As much as I would like to answer this question, I am not allowed to. You can believe me, this really bugs me, especially since I hear time after time how important (and cool) JavaFX on these devices would be. All I can say is, that we presented prototypes of JavaFX on different tablets at JavaOne last year and asked, if this is something the community wants. The feedback was overwhelming. We continue to look into this, but for now I can only humbly ask you for your patience.

Is Swing dead now?

“Swing will remain part of the Java SE specification for the foreseeable future, and is included in the JRE”. – But it is in maintenance mode now, no new features are being developed at this point. So if you want to use the new and cool stuff that was developed for JavaFX, you have to migrate to JavaFX or embed JavaFX in your Swing application. Which leads me directly to the last question.


What are the Features of JavaFx

New and improved interface tools that way WAY beyond your standard buttons, checkboxes, etc.  (Think bar and pie charts and cool things you can find using JQuery like date-pickers, accordion panes, tabbed panes etc.) . Check out a nice summary of JavaFx controls here.  This includes new media player and web rendering controls.

A new ‘language’ called FXML, which like HTML is used only to define the interface of an application, keeping it completely separate from the code logic.

An outstanding application called ‘Scene Builder’ which can be integrated into NetBeans and Eclipse to allow you to create and generate FXML documents using a drag-and-drop design interface (think Dreamweaver for HTML)

A new powerful way to control the design of your application with CSS-like syntax and precision.  If you know any CSS you will easily be able to make the transition to styling JavaFx applications.

An integrated library for graphics (both 2D and 3D) as well as animation tools that rival Flash, JQuery and CSS animations

Mobile platform development tools (which admittedly, I know very little about at the time of writing this post but like everything else on this site, as I learn I share).  There is an open-source project called JavaFx ports that helps bridge the path to mobile application development with JavaFx

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