Reason for build Data Warehouse


  • Data is scatted at different places

  • Data inconsistency Once place  Hyd
  • Depending on volatile and non-volatile  [Data keep on changing]



Surrogate keys means artificial keys

Data Warehouse:- Ralph Kimball

A Data Warehouse is relation Database management system which is specifically design business analyses and making decisions to archive the business goals.

A Data Warehouse is designed to support decision-making process hence it is called as desiccation supporting system (DSS)

A Data Warehouse is historical Database which stores historical business information required for analysis.

A Data Warehouse is a “read only Database” which supports business manages to very the Data required for analysis, but not for business transactional processing.

A Data Warehouse is an integrated Database which stores the Data in an integrated formatted; the Data is collected from multiple OLTP source systems.

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Data Warehouse:-(W.H.Inmon)

A Data Warehouse is a

  • time variant
  • Non-volatile
  • Subject oriented
  • integrated Database


Ex:- Over Business Application:-

Informatica Business Application

Ex:- Over sales application:-


Characteristic features of DataWarehouse:-

  • Time-variant:-

A DataWarehouse is a time-variant Database which supports business needs of end users in comparing and analyzing the business with different time periods. This is also known as time series analysis.



  • A Data Warehouse is a non-volatile
  • Once the Data entered into the Data Warehouse, it doesn’t reflect the change which takes place at operational Database. Hence the Data is “static” in the Data Warehouse.

Subject Oriented:-

A Data Warehouse is a subject oriented Database which supports the business need of department specific users.

Ex:- sales, accounts, hr. students, lones etc....

A subject is derived from multiple OLTP applications which organize the Data to meet specific business functionality.


A Data Warehouse is an integrated Database which collects the Data from multiple OLTP Database


E  T  M (move) A Data Warehouse s container to store the business information

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