Introduction to OOP'S Concept in Selenium

10 October, 2020


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OOPS concepts:-[object oriented program]

It is having below concepts

1) class & objects

2) encapsulation

3) inheritance

4) polymorphism

5) abstraction

These are requested table concepts.

How to develop scripts to a project:-

Package –project-Spicejet

Class      - module    -book a flight

Class    -reasonable methods –objects (I,e url,login,logout)


2The process of extending [reversing]the public objects from the parent class to child class is known as “inheritance”.

2From, where we are taking the public objects, is known as parent class or super class.

2where we are going to use the public objects is known as child class.

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** write a program to back a holiday in spicejet .com by inheriting the parent class spicejet.popup.

Public class bookaholisday.inheritence extends spicejet-popup {


Public void verifyholiday() throws exception {

Driver .find elements(by.linktext(“holiday”).click();

New select[driver .findelements(“destination id”))).selectvisibletest(“id”);



Driver.find element(by.xpath(“//input[@id=’locator id’]”)).click();

Driver .find element(                      “”                         [2]   “)).click();

“                               “;                           “                     [3])).click();


} polymorphism:-

2The ability to define more methods with the same name is known as polymorphism.

2It is two types

1) overloading

2) overriding

1) over loading:-

2It occurs when more methods with the same name but with different parameters is known as overloading

Public void click(string str) {

Driver .findelements(by.linktext(str)).click();


Public void click (string str, string str1) {

Driver.find elements(by.linktest(str)).click();



Public static void main(string [] args) {

Google languages URL c;“Hindi”,”English”);“Gmail”);

2Login into by inheriting the class Google languages parameter and override the method click

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2) overriding:-

It occurs when we inherit parent class

àIf we are using the method is behaving in two ways in child class one way was as in parent class in another way

  • The updations which we made to the child class method is limited to child class only.
  • The memory authorization in proper [same the memory] with overloading and over rising


  • The process of holding that operates into a single entity.


  • The process of word hiding the data and show the coessential features of the object is known as abstraction.
  • We can achieve abstraction by using access modifier by
  • Public, protected can be used in child class only.
  • The public can be used in a child class as well as they're in the entire project by creating the object.
  • Private objects can be used in the current class only
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    A Object Open URL Login Log out     B Compile Upload Send mail     C Register Print text box Print drop down


Open URL 2 Login 2 compare 2 send 2 log out2 clone 2 Register 2print next box

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