SiteCore Interview Questions

17 September, 2018


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SiteCore Interview Questions And Answers

What's the difference among these content material control systems: Sitecore, Umbraco and Episerver?

Episerver has a whole lot of superb comments. Sitecore has the enterprise degree and the price is likewise at the employer degree. Sitecore is developer friendly, extensible and has a large community is case we look for aid, it has a content shape as a tree of nodes, it's miles acknowledged to steer the content control marketplace and is rather rated by many agencies. Umbraco has many similarities with Sitecore being constructed on however is a bit inexpensive. It additionally has a tremendous network. virtually we are able to pick this kind of depending on flavor, cash and the fashion that we've got when running.

In what manner is using XSL better than C# in Sitecore?

XSLT has advantages over other languages in the manner that it offers you the possibility to personalize or reuse a huge sort of pages or various structures for source files or other shape. For doing this a rule-primarily based processing version may be used, a element no longer liked by using most of the people due to the plain difficulty this is has on first use. despite the fact that this appears tough at first, it may be viewed like a long time investment. XLST has no overall performance troubles, if a internet site appears to have performance issues, it should be from different motive.

What's the that means of the ocean watchtower photograph that looks at Sitecore log in?

This photograph seems due to the fact you aren't logged in to the content Editor, however to the developer tool to the computer. The button from the lowest left corner of the display have to be driven(it has the “Sitecore” label on it), then we should hot the “log out” button for returning to the login part. From here the login process might be everyday: we need to hit “content material Editor”, insert the person and password then “Login”.

Is there compulsory to place the brand new photograph in a certain vicinity?

No there's no designed place for new pictures inside the media library, so we might also select our very own folder for this, but we have to be conscious to apply a not unusual region due to the fact the folder numbers is quite large. additionally we need to understand the cause of the folder earlier than doing something.

What are the commonplace capabilities of CMS?

Seo-friendly URLs incorporated and online assist Modularity and extensibility consumer and organization functionality Templating guide for converting designs installation and improve wizards integrated audit logs Compliancy with diverse accessibility frameworks and requirements, such as WAI-ARIA

What is Sitecore enjoy Platform?

Whilst you login to Sitecore the primary display you see is Sitecore enjoy Platform. it is a launchpad display screen which includes the whole thing you require.

Some of the objects you discover in experience Platform are listed underneath. Enjoy Analytics Expereince Profile Content Editor Revel in Editor Manipulate Panel Media Library Computing device Mode App middle
What are the exclusive forms of Databases to be had in Sitecore?

core master web

What is Core Database?

As the name indicates Core Database is the backbone of the Sitecore application and it is used for multiple purposes.

Core database contains all Sitecore settings. It contains the definition of Desktop Mode, Content Editor, Page Editor etc. The core database contains data needed by the Content Manager.

All the menu items in the Ribbon is stored in the Core Database. In case if you need to create a new menu item in the ribbon you need to add the context and definition in the Core Database. It Contains the membership related tables which drive Sitecore Authentication, Authorization, and Security. 

What's Master Database?

Master Database in Sitecore is also called as content material Authoring Database. whenever you create a brand new piece of content material it will likely be stored within the grasp Database.

Master Database is used for content Authoring

Master Database continues the versioning of the contents.

The Default Database loaded through the content material Editor is master for content material authoring reason. you could add, Edit or Delete new items within the grasp Database and it's miles used for development of recent pages and components.

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SiteCore Developer Interview Questions And Answers

What is Web Database?

The Web Database contains the  live content of the website and it is also called as a published Database.

-Web Database is a subset of the Master Database.

-Whenever the content is published from Master Database it goes through the publishing task and the Workflow and the latest version of the content is copied from Master Database to Web Database.

-Web Database is Optimized for Speed, Size, and Performance.

-You could rename web database in case if you need.

-Often the Enterprise application will have multiple Databases. You could configure as many databases for SIT, UAT and Live according to your need and name it accordingly.

What is CM, CD and PI in Sitecore?

Content Management(CM) - CM stands for Content Management server and CM servers are meant for content editing by content authors. Hence we call CM as Content Management.

Content Delivery(CD) - CD stands for Content Delivery server and basically, it's the live website serving the pages and the contents to the visitors/users. Hence we call CD as Content Delivery.

Publishing Interface(PI) - PI stands for Publishing Instance server, PI server is responsible for your publishing operations. We can publish content from CM to CD or from Master to Web Databases through publishing interface.

What are Different types of Templates in Sitecore?
  • Data templates
  • Parameter Templates
  • Datasource templates

What is Publishing in Sitecore?

Publishing is a technique so that you can help you to replicate up to date objects from master database to net database.

content material Authors will add/edit the content in page editor or thru sitecore content editor inside the CM server which is known as as content material control server. We store all of the contents in the grasp Database.

so one can pass those edited contents to live we use post interface and post the contents to live.

What is Versioning in Sitecore?

Content authors can add a new version of content for every item in the Sitecore through Content editor or experience editor. We can add as many versions as we need in Sitecore.

The content author can rollback to any previous versions easily by selecting it and making it as an active version by publishing it to live.

What are tokens in Sitecore?

Whilst a person creates an item primarily based on a facts template, if the same old fee for any subject in that facts template can contain the tokens which Sitecore replaces token with the corresponding fee of that item.

for example: if we've specific $name token at “identify” discipline in popular price, then Sitecore will update “identify” area with item call which you supplied while growing the object.

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