MS Project Interview Questions
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MS Project Interview Questions With Answers


Are you planning to participate in an interview for an MS Project role, but are confused about how to break that interview, and what would be the most likely MS Project interview questions an interviewer might ask? Well, you've come to the right place. Tekslate has collected the most frequently asked MS Project interview questions and answers, which are often asked in several interviews.

1Q) Provide an explanation for what's hyperlink undertaking in MS venture used for?

Ans: Hyperlink challenge in MS undertaking for connecting any duties in a mission.

2Q) Point out in which is “summary undertaking” in MS challenge?

Ans: The rundown task is useful in assessing the wandering period and the period in a task and arranging the wander altogether. you could discover “summary project” below the main menu -> Insert -> precise

3Q) listing out the types of responsibilities utilized in MS challenge?

Ans: There are the foremost four kinds of obligations:

  • Precis duties: It includes subtasks and their associated houses
  • Subtasks: it is a smaller mission that is part of a precise task
  • Routine obligations: these are the tasks that fall within normal durations
  • Milestones: these are the top precedence mission which might be adjusted to 0 lengths and are like quick-term goals in the venture

4Q) Mention the sorts of task links in MS mission 2013?

Ans: There are four forms of task links in MS mission

  • Finish to begin link: in this link, the second venture cannot be initiated until the first task is finished.
  • Begin to begin hyperlink: in this hyperlink, the second task can start at any time after the first assignment is initiated.
  • End to complete hyperlink: in this link, the mission does no longer should stop at the same time, the second challenge can quit every time after the first venture is ended.
  • Start to finish link: on this hyperlink, the second mission can’t finish until the first task begins.
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5Q) Explain a way to set a work time exception in undertaking 2013?

Ans: To adjust them to be had working hours in undertaking 2013 for a particular day, you need to change the work time exception settings. for you to do that

  • Choose the task and trade the running time.
  • At the calendar pick the day you want to alternate.
  • Click the exception tab to display it, it'll show a column with the call cell in a blank row, kinda name for the exception, and press enter.
  • Tap the exception call you entered in step three after which click on the info button. it's going to open an element dialog box for this exception. where you'll make the setting consistent with your requirement like running time, recurrent sample, and range of recurrence.

6Q) Give an explanation for how you can evaluate budget useful resource values in MS mission?


  • Go to aid utilization view ( View -> aid usage).
  • Upload finances value, work, finances paintings, and price columns to the desk if they may be not there already.
  • Faucet on the drop-down arrow to the proper of the resource call column heading and then pick out “institution with the aid of” -> custom organization, in order to group the aid by custom resource check field.
  • Tap on the down arrow in the field call cellular in the organization through the row section, after that within the drop-down list of resource fields, pick out the name of the custom textual content subject to your budget categories and then click observe.
  • Now inside the group precise rows, examine the budget get price or budget paintings values to the cost or work values concurrently.
  • To dismantle the organization, you could select NO groups by clicking the down arrow to the proper of the useful resource call column heading.

7Q) What are your favorite MS task books/internet sites?

Ans: Mission making plans, estimating, tracking, and conversation is possibly the most complex, nuanced region that Microsoft’s circle of relatives of workplace-related applications hopes to aid. experienced, professional PMs have to be actively looking to enlarge their ability sets with a ramification of sources.

8Q) Have you ever completed any VBA automation with MS Project?

Ans: This isn't as commonplace as Excel programming, however, it'd deliver some perception into their depth of expertise of the assignment “database”. a few oldsters automate look/feel troubles, so printouts always appear the same (consistency breeds familiarity). different uses macros for mainly intricate utilization or cost calculations. The candidate ought to be able to glibly describe the benefits and challenges of automation with this tool.

9Q) How do you add or delete a standard or custom column/field?

Ans: A bit of a trick question: there are many ways to add (or insert) a column/field, typically they will brute force Insert or use a macro. You should never delete a column/field that contains data; the recommended approach is to hide the column. An interviewer could drill into the candidate’s use of custom tables, views, fields, and filters. Have they set up templates? How do they manage consistency among multiple projects? Do they use automation or templates to develop standards and make incremental improvements for each project they work on?

10Q) How do you model meetings and non-working time on a project plan?

Ans: There are a number of different methods – including …

  • Model all resource participation at 80% available time
  • Change the default calendar to 6-hour workdays
  • Create weekly, 5-day (duration) tasks, for 1-4 (effort) hours per week, and assign everybody to this task

Candidate should be able to talk about the pros and cons of whatever method they select.

MS Project Interview Questions for Freshers

11Q) Can MS Project be used to track an agile development project, and if so, how?

Ans: There is no right answer to this question, I’ve heard opinions on both sides. However, if someone can give a cogent, detailed answer, either way, they are demonstrating their knowledge of agile and/or Project.

Cross-company management, matrix management A project manager has to liaise with other departments in the company, like the procurement, the R&D, as well as the Logistics department. Other than that, the project manager may also have to interact with customers and the company’s partners. Sometimes, the project manager may also be responsible for the invoicing and financial issues of his projects. Do you have that project management experience?

12Q) Tell me about a time when your stakeholders didn’t agree on a project. How did you proceed?

Ans: Interviewers asking this question are looking for stories that will prove you have these necessary soft skills for the job. Make sure to brainstorm stories about your former project management roles in anticipation of this question and use them as a confirmation that you have the mediation skills that these hiring managers are looking for.

13Q) What projects do you not want to work on?

Ans: Everyone wants to believe they can handle every project, but the reality is that most project managers are best suited for a narrow project management role.

If you tell your future employer that you love working on everything, that communicates that:

  1. You might not know what you’re talking about OR
  2. You’re unwilling to communicate weaknesses.

Neither of these traits reflects well on you.

Instead, be honest. Are you more of a software development person? Do you do well with creative media campaigns? Would you rather lie down and die than work on a construction project? Let your interviewer know; both they and your future self will thank you for it.

14Q) How do you deal with difficult team members?

Ans: Project management flows a lot smoother when everyone is meeting deadlines with quality results. Unfortunately, you’re likely to work with some individuals who have trouble delivering. Your interviewer wants to know how you deal with these interpersonal and personnel issues.

First, look up proper approaches to dealing with difficult team members so that you’re ready to respond with the best possible answers. Provide examples of how you helped improve the work processes of team members at your previous jobs. You can always ask your interviewer to give a “for instance”; they might also have someone specific in mind.

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