How to install Selenium IDE using Firefox
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 Installation of Selenium Testing Tool

2open Firefox.

2open the URL HTTP://

2click on download.

2click on “Download latest released version 2.5.0” under selenium IDE.

2Click on Allow & click on instarts NOW.

2Click on Restart Button to Restart Firefox.

2Installed the selenium IDE will be available under Tools.

2Describe the steps to record the scenario like open type selenium in the textbox then click on Google Search.

2Launch Firefox, Go to tools à click on selenium IDE.

2By default, it will be in recording mode.

2Minimize the selenium IDE  àopen àOn Firefox browseràtype selenium of Text boxàClick on Google search.

2Restore or maximize selenium IDE .-->Click on the Red button to stop the recording.

2By default selenium, IDE will give the recorded actions in two format



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2Table contains the recorded action in the form of table format

2Source contains the source code of the recorded actions.

2To run the recorded scripts we have two options.

2To maintain the synchronization to execute the script make the execution speed ”Low” by --using the option “Fast-slow”.

2synchronization is to to provide wait to the tool to maintain  in synchronization between both application and tool.

2To convert the recorded script to other languages àgo to options àclick on optionsàcheck the checkbox “Enable experimental features”    àclick on ok.

2Again go to optionsàclick on formatàselect the desired language to convert.

2To save the recorded script àGo to Fileàclick on save test case or and save the testcase in there language.

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Test Suite(or)Test Batch execution:-

2Combination of multiple test cases is known as Suite(or)Batch.

Scenario:-Record two scenario Run it scenanition by clicking the option play entire Suite.

Step1:-open Selenium IDE and record the first scenarioàclick on the Red button to stop the recorded.

Step2:-Go to File2click on new test casesàclick on the Red button to start the recording and record the Scenario .Again  click on the Red button to stop the recording.

2Use the option play entire test Suite to Run an the Scenarios.

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