Hash Maps in TeraData

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12th October, 2020




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Hash Maps

Hash Algorithm  

DSW (Distribution Selection Word)




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Hash Map provides a relationship between row hash value[DSW] and Amp address Primary index Physical Mechanism [Storage & retrieval Party id mechanism]     Hash Table

Hash Map  

The  dates distribution in the Amp’s and amp contains the data in rowed logical Sequence  

Inside the Amp

Sel * From party where Pid=2


Master Index

Teradata Interview Questions

Hash synonym(or) Hash collisions

  • Getting the same row hash values for the same (or) to PI value is called hash synonym(or) Hash collision.
  • In this situation to identify every row system takes a concept called rowed.
  • It is useful to identify every record unique in the amp.
  • It is taken by the amp only.
  • It contains 64 bits first 32 bits are row hash value, next 32 bits are u values.

  Hash Synonym

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