Event Wait and Event Rise in Informatica

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Event Wait and Event Rise:

  • Create a work flow with the name w-event-wait-raise
  • Go to task menu click on create
  • Select the task type as event wait, enter the name event-source click-create
  • Drag the session s10, s20, s30 to the workflow design
  • Double click on the event wait
  • Click on events tab
  • Please event the name of the file to watch D:/path/filename.txt click on ok



Event rise task:                                     

 The integration service rises the ‘user defined events ‘during the work flow run

The user-defined events declared in work flow properties event tab.

  • The event rise task are always used in conjunction with event wait task
  • The event raise task sends a signal to the event wait task that a particular set of predetermined event has occurred
  • A user-defined event is defined completion of tasks from start task to event raise task

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Event wait task:

          An event wait task waits for a specific event to occur to start the next task in the work flow

  • Pauses the processing of the pipeline until a specified event occurs
  • There are two types of events can be defined
  1. File watch event (predefined event)
  2. User-defined event



  • From tools, menu selects workflow designer
  • From the workflow menu select create ]
  • Enter the workflow name w-star-load
  • Selects the event tab
  • From tools, bar click on new
  • Enter the event name dim- load – complete, click ok
  • Drop the sessions beside the workflow
  • From the workflow designer select task, select event raise and event wait
  • Create the task type event raise and event wait


  • Link tasks as described in work flow Diagram.
  • Double click on event raise task, select properties tab



User defined event


  • From work flow designer select task, select command and event wait.
  • Double click on command task and select command tab
  • From tool bar click on add a new command.




Copy e:/result.txt to c:/ batch 4pm

Click on apply and click okScreenshot_14

Double click on event wait task selects the event tab.

Select the predefined eventScreenshot_14

Enter the name of the file to watch

C:batch 4pm result.txt

Click on apply and click on ok.

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Assignment task:

                    It allows you to assign the values (or) expressions to the user-defined workflow variables

The user-defined workflow variables are declared in a work flow properties variable tab.

Decision task:

              The decision task allows you to define the condition and the condition is evaluated by integration service, returns true (or) false.

The decision task as a predefined condition variable called $decision-task-name. Condition, which is assigned with results of decision condition

  • Use the task instead of using multiple link condition



  • From tools menu, selects workflow designer, from the work flow menu select create
  • Enter the work flow name w-daily-weekly-wad
  • Select the variable tab from tool bar click on add a new variable


Data type





Enter the default value =0


Click ok

  • Drop the session beside the work flow
  • Create the task type assignment and decision
  • make a links between the task as described above
  • define the link condition between the S10 and assignment task                                    $S10.status =succeeded
  • double click on assignment task, select the expression tab
  • from tool bar click on add a new expression







Click on apply and click ok

Define the link condition between assignment and decision

$assign. Status=succeeded

Double click on decision task select the properties tab

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Attribute Value
Decision name MOD ($$WHF-runs, 7 )=0

Click on apply and click ok

Define the link condition between the decision and S20

$Decision. Condition=true

To view the presentence value right-click on work flow select


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