Error operations

  .DML Lable{Lable Name}



Do Insert For{missions update}Rows


Error Operations    



The value is loaded to the database.  


The value which skipped before loaded to the database


DML Label

A name to the DML Operation to differentiate from one to other  


Multi load Tables

For every table it Requires ET, UV, WT Table for every Import task, it Requires a log table  

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ET Table

  1. It takes the errors that occur in AQuision phase
  2. It contains primary index overflow error, that occurs in the application phase


The ET table contains the below fields


    • Sequence Number that identifies the import command where


    • Sequence Number for the DML statement invalid the error


    • The sequence of the DML statement being carried out when the error was discovered.


    • Sequence Number that tells which Apply clause was Running when the error occurred


    • The Record number in the input file which has an error




UV Table

it contains the error that occurs in the Application phase:

a)unique violation error

b) constrain error

c) overflow error on a column other than PI



  • Import Seq
  • Dml Seq
  • Smt Seq
  • Apply Seq
  • Source Seq
  • Unique
  • DBC error cod
  • DBC errorcod
  • DBC error Field  

Work Table

It contains DML Task Information

The input data that is Ready to Apply the amp1

Create multiset table w T c Parties


Field, Var Byte(64)Formal ’x(64)’NOT Null

) primary Index(Field);  

Log Table

2We need to specify this explicitly

2Mainly it is Import the time of Restorable the script    

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