Documents in WPF

21 September, 2018

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Working with documents in WPF

        WPF offers oc wide range of document features that enable the creation of high quality content that is designed to be more easily accessed & read as compared with windows form application& 11WPF documents also provides integrated services for document display, packaging & security.  


WPF documents are divided into two categories 11Fixed documents 11Flow documents  

Fixed documents:-

Fixed documents are logically binds an ordered sequence of pages together into a single or multiple pages. Fixed layout documents 11As a part of its layout, fixed document maintains the pre size (particular) positional placement of content elements  

Examples for fixed documents:-

Desktop publishing documents, word processing documents  

Disadvantages of fixed documents:-

11They do not support in viewing all kind of devices like mobile phones, personal digital assistance etc 11The control used to work with fixed documents in WPF is document viewer control  

How documents:-

11Flow documents is designed to reflow the contents depending on window size, device, resolution  & other environment variables. These documents will hare no.of bullet in features like searching, viewing modes, zoom facilities /zooming facilities etc. flow documents are test utilized when making the reading of document as easy and is the primary concern 11We can provide that effects like boar, italic and other effect to the context of the flow documents 11Flow documents will optimize the viewing and reading experiment for the user based on runtime environment 11flow documents can be dynamically reformatted for optimum readability on a wide high resolution display screens or  on PDA screens etc EG:  for flow documents is a webpage 11To work with flow documents we use a class named flow documents present in namespace We also use following controls to work with how documents 11Flow Document Reader 11Flow Document Page viewer 11Flow Document Scroll viewer These controls are present in 11Flow documents will allow the data to be displayed in multiple columns 11Flow documents are best scripted in following situations
  • To display the news in online
  • To display the magazines in online
  • To display book contents in online etc
We can also include the required images within the flow documents  

Appearance of a sample flow documents:-

Some bold text in a paragraph some text that is not List Item 1 List Item 2 List Item 3 Screenshot_15  

Elements that can be used while creating a flow document:-

Paragraph                                                                              Section List                                                                                            bold List Item                                                                                 Italic Span                                                                                        underline <Paragraph> <list> <List Item>   (</list Item> |</List> </paragraph>    
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