DevOps Resume

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DevOps Resume

6 1/2 Avenue, Manhattan’s Street

(646) 211 – 9110

Professional Summary :

  • Developers with interest in deployment and system administration with a passion for scripting and coding.
  • Designed and developed automated deployment and scaling process.
  • Collect the new technologies and tools, and introduce them to the company which will improve the product quantity and work efficiency.
  • Trained new employees and worked with them on new web-projects.
  • Started a program called knowledge management for helping the new developer and current developer to develop their knowledge on the product.

Key skills :

  • Configuring Linux Slackware web servers.
  • Developing applications for Android systems.
  • Creating  C code and javascript.
  • Developed deployment utilities using Ruby, Bash, and Python.
  • Experience with automation tools and web languages.

Education :

Bachelor of Engineering in computer science engineering, Brenau University, Washington.

Professional Experience

3.5 years work experience with ABC Corporation as DevOps engineer.

Key Areas :

  • Understanding and efficiency in open communication.
  • Being comfortable with frequent, code testing and deployment.
  • Ability to use open source technology, tools, and scripts.
  • Fast grasping automation tools.
  • Being comfortable with code testing and deployment.
  • System management skills.


  • Established an IT team to support regional operations.
  • Troubleshooting the issues and technical problems.

DevOps Resume secrets you need to know :

  • Showcase transparency in Employment Gaps (if any).
  • Bold the most recent job titles you have held.
  • Highlight your accomplishments and responsibilities.
  • Make it clear in the ‘Objectives’ that you are qualified for the types of jobs you are applying.
  • Employ Business Analysis terminology to speak about experiences in Resume.
  • Invest time in highlighting the most relevant skills.
  • Your Resume must showcase the critical field competency.

Download Sample DevOps Resume (PDF) Here :

DevOps Sample Resume

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