Designer Implementation in Data Stage

20 September, 2018


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(a) Import/ Export (b)Node configuration (c)Advanced find  

 (a) Import/ Export

We can import and export entre project or individual components of repository 11To more jobs from 1 project to other 11job backups  

Export :- (Project – India /DWS)

Screenshot_82     C :/ Document and setting / admin/ desktop/Backup. new àJob components to export [Export job designs with executables  read only items] Type of export    DSX  (platform dependent)   XML (independent)  àExportàExport complete

To add a new file to already existing one

  • Append to existing file

11We are Storing the back up file in the Desktop Desktop 11 click on Backup. New    11open11you can view an basic Script

We can also view through command line prompt

DS export DS import Open a Designer client – with new project :- Import :-   (project – India/ Analyzer  project) Data stage  components  11 import from file (Browse the file that we saves in export)

  • Import Selected
  • performance analysis 11 ok  11


Data Stage Import  
Type 1 Name                       Status
Table definition ………………….  
Job  definition ………………  
Job definition ………………..  

Multiple  Job Compiler

To compile  n no. of Jobs   Tools 11 Multiple Job Compile 11 parallel 11 Next 11Remove all And select required Jobs 11 Next 11Next 11Start Compile  show compile report   when finished Opens a Note pad

  • Data stage Compilation Report

  Server : India Project :dws Started at : Finished at : Time Taken : 3items processed 2 items compiled Successfully 1 items  failed compilation Compile information   11list 11compiled ok Can Multiple users run the same job at some time ? Sol:- when 2  or more people run the same job at same time with different parameters, use an option / enable the job option Allow Multiple instances Open any job 11 job properties11 parameters Can 2 persons open the job at same time ? Sol :-   yes 1st person will have Read, write options 2nd   person will have only Read option Note:- 11w can’t run the Multiple jobs at same time in Designer 11we can run Multiple jobs at same time in director 11 To run Multiple Jobs at same time in director 11 It asks for Invocation Id

Invocation Id

A user defined identification to run a job for that instance It is creating an instance In the output, different users should give different output extensions   Example:-   abc  (1.txt)  abc  (2.txt) Tool  11Run Director 11 click on the jobàIn vocation id11100011Any number  


Click on any Job 11 Right click 11 Add to schedule  11 Set the time   (b) Node Configuration 11Its not our Role, DSA will do it 11For Sometimes we need to run a job on particular  node Configuration, then we use Node configuration.   Example A Data set  is created on 4 nodes abut we created a job on 2 nodes àwhile we run, it aborts à SO, we need to make Sure that it run on 4 nodes using Node Configuration.  

Questions based on Node Configuration 

What is a Node ? Sol :- logical CPU What is Node Configuration ? Sol :- Technique of creating logical CPU’s How to See Nodes ? Sol :-  3 ways to see Nodes :-

  1. check at logs
  2. configuration file
  3. Job Score
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(a) check at logs

Tools 11 run director 11 click on log 11Select  Main program  : APT  configure file 11Node details are displayed

(b) configuration file

(Real time it is disabled) Tools 11configuration 11 default 11 node details are displayed

(c) Job Score

Job properties 11 parameters 11Add environment variables 11Reporting11Report Score 11Report Score = True 11 Report comes in log What are Node Components Sol :-

  • Node Name - logical CPU name
  • fast Name - Server name or system name
  • Pools – logical area where stages are executed
  • resource – memory associated with node

  Disk – permanent   “C :/ IBM / Information Server / Server/ Datasets”   Scratch disk  - temporary   “C :/ IBM / Information Server / Server/ Scratch” What is default config file name ? Sol :- every job is exe on default. Apt   (actual parameter) How many nodes in your project ? Sol :- 8 or 16  (2^0, 2^1)…………. How to create a new Node Configuration file ? Sol :-   Tools 11 configurations 11 copy the code 11 Select New   11part the Code 3 or 4  times  11 change the node Names        Node 1 Node2 Node 3……11Save configuration 11check 11 configuration configured   11 ‘0’ errors detected How to run a job on a Specific Config file ? Sol :-  $apt- config- file11 Job properties 11 parameters 11 Add  Environment variables 11Parameter name 11 $ apt – config – file  11 ok  

Compile and RUN

We can browse and change the path if uni processing System with 1 CPU needs minimum 1 node  to run a job, then for           SMP with 4 CPU needs How many minimum nodes ? Sol :-    1 Node For indepth understanding of DataStage click on

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