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13th October, 2020




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Design patterns supported in

  1. Gang of four patterns
  2. Enterprise patterns
  3. Headfirst patterns
  4. So4 patterns
  5. 3-tier and N-tier patterns
  6. App façade
  7. Silver light
  8. WPE and WCF practices
  9. Limo-to-SQL practices
  10. Repository
  11. Dependency injection
  12. net MVC
  13. MVP
  14. MVVM
  15. Entity framework
  16. Membership practices

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MVC pattern:-

2MVC pattern was invented by ‘try give Reenskang’, in the year 1978. 2MVC pattern was first implemented as a part of the small talk-80 class library. 2The MVC has proven a very successful pattern today in building web-based applications. 2Examples of web application framework the follows MVC patterns are MVC, Ruby on Rails, Merb, diango. 2In java struct, springs wicket, JSF.



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