Deference’s b/w 10g and 11g In Oracle SOA 


  1. There is no SCA concept(Service component Architecture)

SCA concept exit

  1. No MDS

MDS exit

  1. No dehydration

Dehydration presented

  1. Transformation one – to - one

Transformation one – to –many

  1. Template 3 types

Template 6 types

  1. ESB


  1. OC4Jadmin /oracle application server


  1. Adapters configurations

DB-> connection pool,DS,CF

Adaptor configurationDB-> Data sources ,CF

  1. Adapters operation (File, JMS, FTP)

Adapter operations(File, JMS. FTP)

  1. Different consoles to deploy

One console

  1. No SOA governance

SOA governance exist

Dehydration: (only 11g):

The dehydration store is the database where the BPEL engine stores all BPEL process metadata and run time instance oracle BPEL process manager used the dehydration store database to maintain long_running asynchronous process  


Dehydration store will be useful for the synchronous process to store the payload into dehydration when the breakpoints occur On message

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  1. pick activity On alarm

  1. Receive activity (2nd) DB creation
  2. Wait for activity name = dehydrate_DTS
  3. Dehydrate user name = dev_soairifra
  4. Human task password = welcome1

Select * from dv_message  


In synchronous as one-way process data will be stored only one time

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