How to configure DB Adapters in Oracle SOA

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21st September, 2018




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 DB Adapters Configuration

  • Login -> EM -> home (JVMS:1)-> click   2

Administration – click     2 JDBC  Resource  - click  

  • Connection pool – create – click   2 New connation pool 2 continue  2

Name(Soa demo.cp), JDBC URL(.../XE(Instead of my DB)) , User name(system ), password(welcome1)2 Test connection 2 finish

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  • Data source – create – click       2 continue     2

Name(Soademo. Ds) , JNDI Name(jdbc.soademo.DS), Transaction level(global and local transaction), connection pool(Soademo.cp)    2 finish

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Note: prosperity – Transaction – participate global  2 Role Back Local 2 Does not role back OC4j : home 2 Applications 2view(select modules)2 DB adapter – click   Connection factory 2 click 2 create 2continue   2 JNDI location: es.DB.sademo.CF     2 XA Data Source Name/ jdbc.soademo.DS 2apply2 finish For an Indepth knowledge on Oracle SOA click on:


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