Oracle SOA customizations

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EBM customization:

  1. Modify custom.xsd
  2. Modify xsd 2- places


  • AIA home / AIA components / EDL / core /custom / EBO/ customers party/ v2/ custom customer party EBO.xsd 2

EBM Customization

  • oracle / soa/patch/apache/htdocs/AIA components / EOL/-/-/-/-/-/custom customer party EBO.xsd2

  EBM customization  

XSLT customization:

  • J dev /my works/ applications /project 2 open project

Copy XSLT and paste in to same project [note: name / custom xslt ]

Refresh j developer 2 o it shows 2 XSLT’s 1. Sample xsl

  1. sample – custom .xsl
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Open sample – custom.xsl source delete mapping (if you are already put the mapping)

  • Main xsl: (sample .xsl)
  1. 2  <xsl: import n space = “sample – custom.xsl”/>
  2. 2  Map “custom element to destination”

Ex: ID 2 cust ID (destination)

(We are manually created in xsd)

  1. 2Go to xsl source

Cut mapped ID- cut ID code [note: paste in note pad]

  1. 2<xsl:call_template name = “ID_Ext”

XSLT Customization  

Sample.xsl Sample_custom.xsl
  1. <xsl : import ns = “sample _custom.xsl”/>
  2. <xsl :template name = “Id_ext>
  3. map custom element to destination
  4. delete middle data
                         < xsl: template name “              “< /xsl : template >
  1. go to source à cut mapper code
[ paste in to notepad ]
  1. paste main xsl mapper code
< xsl : template name  = “              “ > [note pad data ]  

How to take the project from “BSR”:

  • 10g console (--- : 7777/BPEL console )

BSR [business service repository]


It will show projects 2click on project Take WSDL endpoint URI

  • How to send the projects top0 “BSR”
  1. . /bsr publish .sh http:// - - - wsdl WSDL (linux)2

Normal wsdl’s. bat     “               “             “   (windows)

  1. ./ bsr integ scer publish. Sh http:// - - - wsdl WSDL  2

Integration wsdl’s

  1. ./bsr pips :// - - - wsdl WSDL 2

Pips wsdl’s

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