• It is a reusable Component

Container are of Two types

  1. Local container 11 job Specific
  2. Shared container 11 project Specific

Local Container

Used for minimizing the complexity and can only  be used in a job.

  • Select Some part in the job 11Click edit11Construct – container11Local
  • It gets packed in to a single box called container




Container 11Data set

Container 11 Data set


Right Click 11 De construct   (gives original pattern back)

Shared Container

  • These are reusable components used with in the project


Oracle 11 Transformer 11 Data set11We want to use this output is n no. of jobs

  • Select the whole job11Edit11Construct container11Shared11Save it


To use this output, in other job

Open 11Container 11 Select the shared Container 11Drag and drop



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Oracle 11 Transformer 11Container output11Res 11 properties 11 output 11 select out11Load 11 reconcile  from container link


Shared container used in an Surrogate key

When we have Surrogate key Generator in different jobs, we replace it using an shared container.





11Both Jobs are loading output in to same Target Table

11Rather taking multiple Surrogate keys, Select it and make it as container




11There will be Co-ordination between  all Surrogate keys

11No need to write the functionality again and again

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