CLIENT SIDE settings in Oracle DBA

29 September, 2020


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Dba12~]$ cd $ ORACLE_HOME / network /admin

Dba12 admin}$ cp tnsnames.ora $ HOME

Dba12 admin ] $ cd

Dba12 ~] $ vi .bash-profile

Export tTNS_ADMIN = $ HOME


Dba12   ~]$  ..bash_profile

Dba12   ~]$    vi tnsnames.ora


(              [Alias]


(protocol=tcp) (HOST=


[same of dba15] (


[parameter name of dba15}


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Dba12~] $ tnsping tnsnames_dba12

Dba12 ~] $ sqlplus  ‘/as sysbda’

Dba12 sys> startup

Dba12 SYS> !

Dba12   ~]$ sqlplus Wilshire/Wilshire@tnsnames.dba12

(dba15’s user)

Dba12 SQL > sho user

Dba12 wilshire > select * fro tab;

[his own schema from server dba 15]

Dba15 SYS> select username, machine,

Terminal from V$ version

Where username = ‘WILSHIRE’;

Username           machine               terminal

Wilshire                dba12                    PTS/1

Dba15 SYS> !PS  -ef

(for all users remotely)

Dba15 SYS> !PS  -x

(for all users locally)

For connecting from dba12 (server) [now acting as client] as sysdba of dba15’s SYS

Dba15 ~]$ cd $ ORACLE_HOME/dbs

Dba 15 dbj]$  vi initbunny.ora

Remote_login_password file = exclusive


Dba12 dba]$ orapwd file=orapw$ ORACLE_SID


Dba15 dbs]$ exit

Dba15 SYS > startup force

Dba15 SYS> select * from v$pwfile_users  

Username           SYSDBA                                SYSOPER

SYS                         TRUE                     TRUE

Dba12  ~]$ sqlplus ‘SYS/SYS @tnsnames_dba12 as SYS dba’

Dba12 Sys> sho user

“SYS” [for the database of bunny of server dba15]

To connect remotely for more than one servers

Dba12 ~]$ vi tnsnames.ora

ALIAS 1 = (



(protocol=tcp) (Host=

(port = 1111)

(SERVICE _ NAME= bunny)  

ALIAS 2 = (



(protocol=tcp) (Host=

(port =2222)

(SERVICE _ NAME= sunny)

ALIAS 3 = (



(protocol=tcp) (Host=

(port = 3333)

(SERVICE _ NAME= funny)  

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