Cascading Report

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Cascading Report in MSBI


It  indicates that the parameter can have null values.


Allow Blank Value :

If we want to allow an empty string as a valid value then we have to set  This Parameter [Allow Blank Value doesn’t Support integer data type]

Cascading Reports :

In this Reports one parameter is depending on another parameter.  For examples 1 Country parameter and state parameter . If the user Select any country From the country Parameter then State parameter can be Run able and  display (or) Populate corresponding States .

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Steps to Configure Cascading Report :

Open Business  Intelligence Development Studio and Create a new Report item and

Rename it as Cascading . rdl     ----------->

In Data tab create New Dataset and Rename it as category Details .     ----------->

Provide the following SQL Query

Select product category ID, Name as category Name from production . product category.     ----------->

Click ok     ----------->

Select New Data set and set

Name:  Sub category

Data source : D src product Category

Command type : text

Query string : Select product sub category Id, Name as

Sub category Name.

From production . product Category where product  Category ID  = @  product Category Id.

Click ok     ----------->

Select New Data set and set

Name : Product _details

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Data source : Text

Query string : Select * from production .product


Product Sub Category Id = @ product sub Category ID.

Select Report menu and select ‘ Report Parameters ‘     ----------->

Select product Category Id . parameter and set in available values ; check  from Query

Radio button and

Data source : Category details

Value field :  product Category ID

Label field : Category Name

Select product sub Category ID parameter and set In available values:     ----------->

Check from Query radio button and

Data source : sub  Category

Value field :  product Sub Category ID

Label field : Category Name     ----------->

Click ok     ----------->

IN Layout tab design the Report     ----------->

Go to preview tab and Run the Report

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