Selenium Browser commands & Interactive commands

09 October, 2020


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Selenium Browser commands

1) start ():-- It is to launch the browser.

2) open():- It is to open the URL of the application

3)window the main method():- It is to maximize the window

4) stop():-It will stop the execution of the script and also closes the browser .


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Selenium Interactive commands;-

  • type() :-It is to enter some value in the text box

            Syntax:- selenium.type(“locater”,”value”);              


  • click:-By using this command we can click on button. I,e radio button, check box,images and links.

 “locator”);//radio button,check box“link=display num”) //link            


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  • select() :- It is to select some values in dropdown or list box or combo box“locator”,”value”);

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