Oracle SOA ATA (Application Integration architecture)

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Application Integration architecture

  • It is loosely coupling
  • Reusable artifacts ( ABO, ABM, EBO, EBM, EBS)
  • Develop the integration with minimal time

Installation steps:

 10 g        

  1. Database
  2. SOA
  3. AIA FP


1. Data base

2. RCU

3. SOA

4. AIA foundation pack (FP)

5. PIP

2Must install the same Version

Ex: O2B/ order to bill, O2C / order to cash, D2R/ design to release

After installation AIA FP It contains:


  • ABO 2  application business object
  • ABM 2  application business message
  • EBO 2 enterprise business object
  • EBM 2   enterprise business message
  • EBS 2   enterprise business service WSDL
  • EBF 2   enterprise business flow
  • ABCS 2 application business connector service BPEL
  • CAVS 2  composite application validation system testing
  • BSR(10g) 2   business service repository
  • OER (11g)-2   Oracle integration pack
  • PIP 2 process integration pack

2It’s a sample PIP


  1. ABO
  2. ABM
  3. EBO
  4. EBM
  5. EB


Differences between PIP & AIA FP

PIP (standard integration ) AIA FP
  1. We will take already developed architecture but, we are doing the same modification is means “customization”
1. we will develop the architecture from the starting stage means we are taking the xsd’s, WSDL’s and we develop XSLT mapping


  • Artifacts
  • GAVS (unit testing à SOA )
  • Error handling
  • Logging
  • 11g OER/10g BSR
  • PID’s

10g FP Xsd’s path (https:// localhost: 7777/AIA components):

  • Oracle / AIA home / AIA components / application objects library / application / schemas, ABO, ABM
  • Oracle / AIA home / AIA components / enterprise objects library /core /EBO/Customer party /V2/XSDS , EBO, EBM
  • Oracle / AIA home / AIA components/ enterprise business library/ core/ EBO/ customer party / V2/ WSDL’s  EBS

11g FP XSD’s path [resource palette]:

  • SOA – MDS / AIA – MDS/ Apps / AIA components/ application objects library/  ABO, ABM
  • SOA – MDS / AIA – MDS/ Apps / AIA components/enterprise objects library/   EBO, EBM
  • SOA – MDS / AIA – MDS/ Apps / AIA components/ enterprise business library/  EBS

3 types of customizing the PIP’s

  1. EBO customizing
  2. XSLT customizing
  3. Intension points

ABCS intension [ req/prov ABCS (or) EBF ]


  1. We will do orchestration inside EBF
  2. EBF takes multiple requests (if multiple requests come at a time then we are using EBP for recovery of the requests)
  3. Business rule workflow, human task & security

AIA console:

10g 11g
  1. https :// localhost: 7777/ BPEL console
  2. https :// local host:8007/ AIA
  3. BSR, CAVS, Error setup
  4. life cycle / OER, CAVS, Error setup

Host path: C: windows/ system 32 / drivers /etc / host 2 open

Change the hostname

  • 10g 2 miner release (v1)
  • 11g 2 major release (v2)


  • It’s a ‘canonical’ object model2    Common structure

Customizing EBO

  • Adding extra fields to the existing EBO
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  • Sale order EBO.xsd 2  existing xsd


If we want to add fields to the existing XSD then we create a new xsd.

i.e 2  custom sales Order.xsd

2  sales order EBO.XSD path

AIA home / AIA components / EDL / core / EBO / Sales order / v2/ sales order EBO .xsd

  • Custom sales order EBO.XSD path

AIA home / AIA component/ EDL/ core /custom/ EBO /sales order/ v2/custom sales order EBO.XSD

Sample EBO’s:

  • Item EBO.XSD
  • Customer party EBO.xsd
  • Sales order EBO.xsd
  • Purchase order EBO.XSD
  • Bill of material EBO.xsd
  • Quote EBO.xsd
  • Invoice EBO.XSSD

Components of EBO:

  • Business components
  • Common EBO’s
  • Common components
  • Reference components

Business components:

Use some elements from EBO.xsd

Common EBO’s:

One EBO is there then some elements are required /used  commonly that time we are using common EBO

Common components:

Address    2     can be called with the help of EBO’s

2Unit price

Reference components:

Easily associate an EBO to other EBO


Header                            verb/crud                                  EBO

Senders                            Operation                     canonical data model

Targets                        2create     2           elements

EBO names                2 delete    2             payload

EBM names              2 update

EBM id                      2   sync

Fault notification-2 process

Tracking             2 validate

Security             2   query


Sample EBM’s:

  • Item EBM.xsd
  • Customer party ebm.xsd
  • Bill of material EBM.xsd
  • Invoice EBM.XSD
  • Sales order EBM.xsd
  • Purchase order EBM.xsd
  • Quote EBM.xsd

Sales order EBM.xsd “elements”

  • Create sales order EBM
  • Create sales order response EBM
  • Update sales order EBM
  • Update sales order response EBM
  • Validate sales order EBM
  • Validate sales order response EBM
  • Delete sales order EBM
  • Delete sales order response EBM
  • Process sales order EBM
  • Process sales order response EBM
  • sync sales order EBM
  • sync sales order response EBM
  • Query sales order EBM
  • Query sales order response EBM

< element name = “create sales order EBM”>


<Data area>

<operation = “create”

<EBO name= “sales order EBO.xsd”>


<Element name = “create sales order response EBM”>


<Data area>



  • It converts ABM to EBM (or) ERM to ABM

Request side                            provider side

  • Enrich message
  • Fault handling
  • Validation
  • Transformation
  • Security
  • We can implement X-ref &DVM’s


ABCS  2 95% BPEL

2 ESB (10g) / mediator (11g)


AIA service generator (10g)

AIA service constructor (11g)

Which will generate/develop BPEL PROCESS?

  1. Request ABCS

BPEL Process

  1. Provide ABCS




                                       X-ref  (Component identifies )




  • The language specifies string represented by language-neutral codes


Static value mapping

ATA deployed projects URL’s:

  1. AIA 10g http://localhost: 7777/BPEL console
  2. AIA 11g         http://localhost: 8001/AIA
  3. ESB (10g)         http://localhost: 7777/esb


  • Two ways we can create service

1. Entry service                    provides call

Create, update, Que, delete   . . . . . . . . .

2. Process service EBP

  • Naming convention:
  • XSD’s biking from service:


  1. 10g                        http://localhost: 7777/AIA components
  2. 11g                        resource palette

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